"Slaughter Override"
X3 Command Queue
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

7/27/2017 Member's Area:
Members Area updated again. A four minute UltraGirl Poser Video. Reno's Dark Butterscotch Fox. UltraGirl in "Bait" weekly story. And "The UltraGirl Trap!" remastered video.

Until we can fix some problems I don't want anyone joining. That's why I can't update the samples in the free area and the center graphic. 

5/25/2017 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Three. Solar Woman by Mr. X? UltraGirl Mark One in the "Bait!" weekly story AND the Remastered "UltraGirl Trap!" 

Free Area update tomorrow. 
5/12/2017 Free Area:
There is a lot of catching up to do in the free area. I've begun by posting the samples for Time Tunnels Five through Eight. Awesome stuff in there. MANY extreme versions for Mr. X and Nightwing316. I don't like to post the bloody stuff in the free area. UltraGirl Mark One has been prepared as bait... but bait for who?

Spinning the flywheel back up to speed. See you next week. 

5/11/2017 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Two. Solar Woman & Comet Girl! UltraGirl Mark One in the "Bait!" weekly story AND the Remastered "UltraGirl Trap!" 

Huge Free Area update tomorrow (is the plan). 

2/16/2017 Member's Area:
Terrible. TERRIBLE!
The member's area has been updated. Ms. Freedom & Liberty Girl. UltraGirl Mark One is bait. Power Angel in DEATHMATCH preview.

Free Area tomorrow. 


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