"You'd think with all their hyper technology stuff they'd find a way for me to fly. Huff Huff"
--American Fox
"Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp."
--American Fox's Boots
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

4/17/2014 Member's Area:
Terrible. Horrible. Inexcusable. And what's worse, stupid.... Oh Hi! Didn't see you there. I was having a conversation with myself. I've been updating the member's area but I haven't been keeping up with the free area updates and that's just nutty/stupid. So there's a massive free area update tomorrow and I DEMAND (of myself) that free area updates are done every week so you guys have stuff to come by and see. See you then.

3/27/2014 Member's Area:
Mr. X does Butterscotch Fox! Galaxy Girl -vs- Vixen Venom - The Seeker - Minister Thrall! In Time Tunnel Eight.

3/22/2014 Free Area:
Tops get pulled down... torn off... and tits are exposed! In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we see Galaxy Girl get the upper hand on Vixen Venom. She loses her suit in the meantime but nobody's perfect! I'm sure she can relax now and nothing terrible will happen to her at all... heh heh hehhhh. I also grabbed the appropriate samples for SunGirl and Butterscotch Fox. A full color... ink... and sketch for Butter and two edited and three raws fro SunGirl. I can't see a way to put up samples of the two Nightwing316 installments and one Smudge installment. I guess I wasn't getting the artwork without text back then. And when you snip out pictures from a finished comic it just doesn't look right. I'll see what I can do in the future. In the Superheroine Video Section we have the intro movie for Galaxy Girl V Minister Thrall. This was just before I found a place to buy copyrighted music but after I bought a program that allowed you to make your own music with clips. It's not bad! Just not as good as the professionals.

3/21/2014 Member's Area:
Member's Area Time Tunnel updates have continued apace... (I don't think that means what I think it means.) So, they've kept up. But I haven't been updating the free area... which is the worst kind of stupid. The kind that hurts financially. People don't join if they don't know what's new in the pay area. Well, some people do. But that's just people finding the site for the first time and it's all new for them. Unfortunately I can't do the free area tonight and promise I'll do it Saturday. LOT'S of samples and the first big time television intro I did for a video. The whole thing. See you there.

3/7/2014 Member's Area:
I tried to force myself into finishing the new update. That strategy was unsuccessful. So I've posted the required two Time Tunnels. SunGirl! Butterscotch Fox by Nightwing316! UltraWoman! Galaxy Girl! Samples for the free area tomorrow.

2/24/2014 Free Area:
Sorry the free area update has just gone up now. I didn't get it done on Friday and then the weekend was filled with non-work related tasks. In the Superheroine Video Section I decided to just post the two movies from the time tunnel three update. You can get a sense of how the movies progress and if you get into the member's area you can watch the whole video up to this point.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area I decided to make modern sized samples. The artwork was pretty good (great actually but I'm humble) and the action was pretty awesome.

2/20/2014 Member's Area:
Still waiting on the new update. Some unfortunate errors with an old layout file for Princess Power. The Time Tunnel is amazing! Butterscotch Fox! UltraWoman! Galaxy Girl & Vixen Venom!
2/13&14/2014 Member's and Free Area:
I didn't get a chance to update the free side yesterday after updating the member's area. No new regular update yet but another time tunnel. If you were thinking you'd wait for a re-mastered version of the UltraWoman video (you weren't thinking that were you?) forget it. It was filmed on an old, huge VHS video tape camera and there's not much reason to rerender it. It's as good as it's going to get. Again, you just have the same out takes. Make sure you have them if you don't. They're still in the Superheroine Video Section.  
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we have more superheroine on superheroine deviltry. Except that's not really American Woman... it's VIXEN VENOM! In her first appearance actually! And Danny Ryan's always cool, always clean illustrating style featuring Violet Fox.

2/7/2014 Free Area:
Of course... I SHOULD be horse whipped! But you're not going to see it out here. It was something I could have posted out here but decided that should be a member's only treat. For giggles we "allowed" Scorpion to whip the hell out of Lord Thöt who is played by me. And we posted it for fun. Instead I'll be keeping all those out takes in the Superheroine Video Section (I even linked it this time.) Great samples and pretty fun. Get them though because I don't know when I'll pull them down.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we see how a typical Time Tunnel update should and will look. I doubled them up for the first 16 updates because we hadn't started making our own movies yet. And "more" would be the best response to any questions regarding the Member's Area. Our first big deal unmasking of a superheroine for SunGirl. Classic super girl angst!

2/6/2014 Member's Area:
Just wanted one, clean, no drama update so just one Time Tunnel. SunGirl, Galaxy Girl, UltraWoman and a strange video of Scorpion whipping Lord Thöt!

2/1/2014 Free Area:
NOW you can see what's been posted in the Time Tunnel video wise through the magic of out take videos. I was going to choose just a few but realized they were perfect for sample material. You have twelve of them in the Superheroine Video Section. They cover two video serials that are still in the Forbidden Zone's special Time Tunnel index.
And you also get another massive amount of sample images. (In the Forbidden Zone Access Area as usual.) The team starts coagulating and congealing! Mr. X, Dr. Evil and Danny Ryan join the crew. Top notch classic superheroine peril. No other way to put it!

1/30/2014 Member's Area:
BASICALLY caught up on the Time Tunnels. A week off. This second set of four updates is huge as well. I'll be posting all the pertinent samples Friday. As well as some outtakes from the movies that are in there. UltraWoman in the UltraWoman Trap!

1/17/2014 Free Area:
As I mentioned before, there is so much stuff posted in the members area that it's difficult to know if I'm grabbing the exactly correct samples. (In the Forbidden Zone Access Area as usual.) If you join to see a specific thing and can't find it in the member's area... first... we'll try to find it for you... second... we'll give you access to it if the samples were incorrect. I need to finish off this free area update so I'm not going to mess with samples of the video serials that started in this set but I will try to post a few installments next time.
I realize the most attractive options for you at this time is to just buy stories or videos that you've always wanted so I'll try to get some more of those ready for the Superheroine Merchandise section. I'll also make them free in the member's area BUT when I do that the earlier two videos that are free will be made... "unfree". They'll still have a good member's discount though.


1/16/2014 Member's Area:
Getting some catch up rolling. Time Tunnels halfway caught up this week. Fully caught up next week. There will be a glut of samples posted Friday.

See ya!


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