"I've bwoken Ms. Fweedom's widdew side kick!"
-- Spunk!
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

11/22/2016 Free Area:
I wasn't able to post that extended free area update. Now I'm off to a mini family reunion of sorts. So the rest of the big update and samples of what else is new a week from Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/18/2016 Member's Area:
OK! More Liberty Girl! Spunk! UltraGirl Mark I! Power Angel! UltraWoman! American Fox! Ms. Americana! Power Lass! And the conclusion of the Scorpion Saga!

A day behind. Free area Saturday.

11/16/2016 Free Area:
Now we're rocking! When it comes to the Time Tunnels, of course, the remastered videos are the most important aspect since the increase in quality makes them almost like new. So lets start with...

The Superheroine Video Section. As I mention there, since I needed to catch up with six videos I decided to double them up. I also decided to increase the samples by 50% since you've had to wait so long. THRILL! at the life and death battle between the evil Professor Madison and the nearly destroyed Scorpion Charlie. BE DISGUSTED! by the Keelix as it entertains itself with the barely alive body of Scorpion Bravo. LAUGH! at  the sub 70's era Dr. Who special effects. Pretty good for the time and a lot work.
IMPORTANT! Tomorrow, the plan is, I will post ANOTHER four Time Tunnels to get everything caught up. That means two more mega samples Friday. 

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox!
A mystery is discovered when she finds some advertising materials for an "UltraCow?". American Fox and UltraGirl's stories are indeed happening at the same time, on the same planet. So why has she never heard of this UltraGirl? Her first impression of the young teen super girl is from the many horrid magazines that cover these enormous uddered sex pots. She does realize that these magazines and photographers have their ways of making an innocent and competent superheroine look like an idiot, slut and cow. She has beaten the Hellm and once she takes care of it's masters she will be able to get to the bottom of this mystery... or will she?!! <Dramatic Chord>
I gave you a couple extra samples since you've had to wait.
UltraGirl Mark I!
The hate filled crystal is fucking UltraGirl to death with it's superheroine rending radiation! She fights for survival and against the orgasm that is spreading across her remarkable body. One last chance. The box the crystal came in obviously kept the radiation in check. She manages to trap it before it kills her. Shaking, she dresses her damaged body. But the crystal is more mobile than she had guessed. It frees itself and will surely finish her when a dark stranger intervenes... to save her?!! What do you think?!
Space Fox!
Created by Mr. X and sharing similarities to an old male superhero you may be familiar with. Sexy costume on a chick! Mighty Woman shares some uniform features with him as well. The full body leotard can be sexy. Not on a dude! There are two installments featured.
Butterscotch Fox!
A bonus feature added to one of the updates by Smudge! If his unique take on superheroine peril is your thing, then there are five pages for you in the zone!
Ms. Americana & Power Lass!
You CAN NOT go wrong with Mr. X! The Trapster has them where he wants them. They pay dearly for sticking their fat tits into everyone's business!
Solar Woman & Comet Girl!
A dark tale by Nightwing316! I didn't have the panels by themselves for this installment in the "Lite" version. So, the samples are extreme versions. I don't like to have blood spraying in the free area but didn't really have a choice this time. VERY DRAMATIC!
Ms. Freedom & Liberty Girl!
We finally see just how much shit these busty blundering bimbos have gotten themselves into! Liberty Girl is by herself when Spunk! reveals himself. He's sort of like Stephen King's "It" except more perverted and more interested in super sluts! Instead of children (ewwww)!

I know how frustrating it can be when a site you like goes dark. Sorry it happened again. And thanks for still stopping by once in a while to see when I post! Hopefully I can keep it on it's track for a while.

11/16/2016 Free Area:
AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF SAMPLES FOR YOU! Go get them. I need to go to sleep right now. I'll tell you all about the stories going on when I wake up.

11/10/2016 Member's Area:
Totally off the rails. Of course, I have a plan. Four Time Tunnels this week and four more next week. Excellent Scorpions in "The NEST!" Part III throughout. Then back to normal. Good normal... not normal normal.

The update actually went up Friday morning. Later today I'll update the center graphic and work on the MASSIVE free area update. Might not have that ready till Saturday however.

10/8/2016 Member's Area:
Sector Eight: American Fox! Time Tunnel Eight: Space Fox! Scorpions! Professor Madison!

Another update in a few days and then an appropriately enormous free area update as soon as possible after it.

09/15/2016 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Seven: Ciara! UltraGirl! Scorpions! Professor Madison! And maybe some other stuff.

See ya tomorrow.

09/10/2016 Free Area:
Here you go! Great samples.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
UltraGirl Mark I!
The deadly crystal that has been unleashed on UltraGirl is a quasi-sentient creature. Filled with hate. It destroys her body. She tries to crawl away and escape. And it fucks her with it's tissue rending radiation. This... is the good stuff!
Ms. Freedom & Liberty Girl!
Even though I didn't have the un-texted lite version of the story I realized I could give you four panels. I don't like doing that because you could pick something up in the dialogue that might confuse the story for you. But in this case, I guess it's OK.
Power Angel & UltraWoman!
Who is behind all the mischief? We may never know since the two super sluts begin fighting when they get in an argument. Silly super sluts!

In the Superheroine Video Section... remember... the video of Scorpion dying was an alternate ending. As far as this story goes, Professor Madison interrupts before the Keelix can kill her. She wonders why Scorpion (Bravo) isn't dead yet. After looking at the security feed she realizes those Institute Idiots sent ANOTHER Scorpion to save the first one! Now she will have two dead superheroines to play with!

09/8/2016 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Six: Power Angel! UltraGirl! Scorpion! Keelix! Professor Madison?!!

Double-ish free area update tomorrow. Make sure you get the most recent video sample. That DID change last week.

09/4/2016 Free Area:
Another delay but worse.... I really don't feel comfortable with the images from Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl being in the free area. (Spoiler Alert: I've been calling her Ms. Americana because that's who she becomes eventually.) For some strange reason I don't have the light version images from this update. Only the extreme version. So all the images I could post would be of them covered in blood and other fluids. So I'm just going to post the video sample. I'll post the UltraGirl Mark I samples with next week's update.

In the Superheroine Video Section... The Death of Scorpion! (Charlie). This is an alternate ending where Scorpion dies. The story continues next week with Scorpion surviving (barely) her run in with the Keelix. And Scorpion Bravo returns!

We're still figuring out the email. There will a rather bold note on the front page letting people know what's going to happen if their emails were screwed up by us.

09/1/2016 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Five: Ms. Americana & Liberty Girl! UltraGirl Mark I! And the death of Scorpion!

Free area tomorrow!

08/29/2016 Free Area:
I did the free area update Monday afternoon. I just didn't update the "What's Snew" until now.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
After refusing to fight Shrage Red with his dick out, UltraGirl learns it only takes one to tango when it comes to battle. She slaps him down to teach him a lesson, however, plot considerations have given Shrage Red an ability he wasn't supposed to have. So now UltraGirl is in very serious trouble!
UltraGirl Mark I!
Ready to start her superheroine career, Tabitha is surprised to see a package she hadn't noticed earlier. Surprise! It's a deadly gift meant to stop her career and life immediately!
American Fox!
Nightwing316's version is getting OWNED by a mob of superheroine hating fiends!

In the Superheroine Video Section... it's almost over, Scorpion. Next week... the conclusion!

We're still figuring out the email. There will a rather bold note on the front page letting people know what's going to happen if their emails were screwed up by us.

08/27/2016 Member's Area:
A fantastic update that unfortunately took two weeks.

UltraGirl -vs- Shrage Red in Sector Seven! And in Time Tunnel Four... American Fox! Lite & Extreme! Two installments of UltraGirl Mark One! And of course the magnificent Scorpion being raped by The Keelix!

Free area update Monday. We will also be combing through our email on Monday because it looks like things got really screwed up. More info then.

08/13/2016 Free Area:
As much as I hate to miss another week without the new UltraGirl it helps that the time tunnel is so great.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
UltraGirl Mark I!
We rarely succumbed to the desire to show a superheroine getting dressed up in her gear. Mostly I stick with the "BOOM" transformation. But there is definitely an allure to seeing the superheroine dress up. This story was perfect for that since it was the first time the "movie star" actress Tabitha was going to be UltraGirl Mark I!
Ms. Americana!
A lite and extreme version of the story thanks to Mr. X! In the extreme version Power Slut gets the holy hell beaten out of her and there's some blood. Serves that pushy broad right!

In the Superheroine Video Section... no creature would evolve to create sperm that begins to dissolve and digest the victim. Someone surely had a hand in the Keelix's existence and made sure it would make superheroines suffer greatly!

08/12/2016 Member's Area:
Couldn't get a new computer generated UltraGirl done in time so I posted a new Time Tunnel.

Ms. Americana and Power Lass! UltraGirl Mark I! Scorpion -vs- The Keelix!

Scorpion's story is amazing as usual. Freebies will get a sample tomorrow.

08/03/2016 Free Area:
OK! Remember, this update is for last week and this week so the next update won't be until next Thursday/Friday.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
UltraGirl Mark I!
A movie star is given the chance to be the superheroine UltraGirl. Just the sort of cool secret life an attention whore would crave. What she doesn't realize is that those who would rather there wasn't another super slut around plan to kill her before she even gets started!
Ms. Freedom!
Don't you hate it when the superheroine wins? I do. But it will happen from time to time. A conspicuously fortunate electric cable allows her to avoid death by cock. This has all been a brain damaged flashback of Ms. Freedom. The bad guys are still pummeling her and Liberty Girl in the main story!
Power Angel!
Someone or something is helping Power Angel defeat villains she has no business beating! Why are they doing this? Let's hope it's to destroy her later on! UltraWoman co-stars.
Zashtor Assassin!
What can I tell you? I've never been in the shape I wanted to be my whole life. I always wanted to be more ripped, more muscular. But when I look back now... damn... I looked pretty good! (I'm the big, cool alien. Not the tiny silly alien.) So for THAT reason alone I'm giving you the entire preview video that was posted in the member's area. Yes. I'm that shallow. BUT, there's hot girls getting glooped so you'll actually enjoy my exercise in vanity. Mike the Mutant has that movie for sale. It's a good deal since it's a pretty long movie I remember and lots of awesome yucky stuff happens to the victims. Go HERE and select Taylor from the drop down actress box, click go and it's the second movie. The actresses are not listed alphabetically. I will hound Mike the Mutant when I see him next and make him hold his manhood cheap.

In the Superheroine Video Section... everything you ever wanted from a superheroine in peril video. Enjoy the samples. You know what to do if you want more.

08/02/2016 Member's Area:
I posted Time Tunnel One yesterday. I've been getting ahead on those. This Thursday's Time Tunnel Two was ready to go so I uploaded that today!

Power Angel! UltraGirl Mark I! Scorpion! Ms. Freedom!

Fucking amazing stuff! Free Area Tomorrow. So... late.. then early. Best I can do right now. More info tomorrow!

07/22/2016 Free Area:
That was a VERY LONG delay! And I'm very sorry about that. I'm afraid that's still gonna happen once in a while. Hopefully not so long and hopefully as infrequent as possible.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox!
She goes mental on her mute foe and seems to finally defeat it. What she doesn't realize is that the creatures who have trapped her have all the information they need. Now she can be destroyed in the most humiliating and horrific ways possible!
Solar Woman!
She's a fucking mess! But she does get away temporarily. The cool thing? Her story crosses over into Mystique Maiden's at the end. SYNERGY! (I have to be using that wrong.)
Mystique Maiden!
More Nightwing316 goodness! Which is great since the site was dormant for a bit. He's setting up something awesome! That crazy superheroine "fucker upper"!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Do you like quantity? I GOT QUANTITY! The Blue Hornet, Pink Fusion and Beacon story is officially aborted. BUT in this update I give members ALL FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN raw images that comprised the rest of what that story was supposed to be. Some people loved the story. I didn't think it met our standards. Members choose for themselves!
UltraGirl Mark I!
That's what I'll be calling her to avoid confusion. She was the first UltraGirl! And she was FUCKING AWESOME! GORGEOUS! Members just got a bigger version of that title graphic. The story, however, starts next week!

In the Superheroine Video Section... WOW! That fucking ass! Squirming around as creatures feed on her tits! HOW ARE YOU NOT A MEMBER RIGHT NOW?!!!

If I get into a situation where I can't produce new Sector material I'll still try to keep the Time Tunnel updates coming. I know how disappointing it can be when a site you love doesn't change for a couple weeks. Again. Sorry about that!

07/21/2016 Member's Area:
FINALLY! Updated.

American Fox! Solar Woman! Mystique! The End of Crusher McGee! UltraGirl Preview! And of course the doomed Scorpion!

Free area Friday!

07/02/2016 Free Area:
Sorry about the delay. But your samples are up now!

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Butterscotch Fox!
One of my best. An action packed installment of a gorgeous naked superheroine going tit to maw with a horrific monster!
Mr. X!
A panel story of sorts. Like my American Fox and UltraGirl stories except there is no text. You just watch what happens. Maybe you'd like that kind of thing. You make up your own story as you go along. This is the building sized superheroine style. Not my favorite. I'm sure if I caught some of that as a kid it would be.
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Still not good. Still no samples. These aren't the superheroines you're looking for.

In the Superheroine Video Section... Feeding Scorpion to a nest of monsters takes time... by design! Enjoy her incredible peril! She looks fucking fantastic!

"Gronk!" was the nonsense word I used with Mike the Mutant before the (rather outstanding) football player got into the NFL. It's the only word he can say. Now he might actually be trying to say something!
In the process of moving. Wish us luck.

06/30/2016 Member's Area:
No Sector Update This Week! That means no new American Fox. Members know why. But what we do have is:

Butterscotch Fox PDC! Mr. X's Star Princess! And Scorpion's horrific fate!

Freebies stop by tomorrow. You KNOW you're gonna want to see the next Scorpion video sample!

06/25/2016 Member's & Free Area:
Hello there. Got a little screwed up. Things took longer than I thought. It's a billion degrees here in Tucson. Not as bad as Phoenix which is a billion and ten degrees. The Time Tunnel went up on time. UltraGirl went up EARLY this morning and now Freebies get theirs! And find out what happened and was uploaded! Aaaaaaand, now we're all caught up.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Deep in the bowels of the Omnia Vincit building UltraGirl is trapped. Although, of course, she thinks THEY are trapped with HER!
Ugh! I hate when I don't have clean versions of artwork for the samples. So I had to just grab some panels of the story for you. The artwork is beautiful! Reno got better and better over time and then moved on. I couldn't really control, obviously, when material came in from our hired guns. He has good "What happened in the past..." pages though.
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Still not good. Still no samples. These aren't the superheroines you're looking for.

In the Superheroine Video Section... SO COOL! The beaten, gorgeous, bit titted super slut is fed to the nest. The eating larvae wake her up. She tries to escape but the Keelix is there to return the feast to it's spawn over and over for as long as it takes! WOW!

Sorry for the delay.

06/17/2016 Free Area:
Members had to wait until almost midnight so Freebies should have to wait too! But I couldn't help myself! This is one of those "What are you waiting for?" updates. I love these of course. We've always tried to do the best superheroine in peril material so it's easy to promote. But this stuff... ha cha cha! Fucking FANTASTIC!

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox!
One thing I hated about comics was the misleading cover. Wonder Woman- "Oh, no! This demon is crushing me to death!" But then in the comic NOTHING like that happens! I know what they were trying to do, of course. Get you all excited. And I'm all about that. So I tend to make things as dramatic as possible in the center graphic and in the samples. The difference? Everything DID happen! I don't know how off track I might be this time. American Fox looks dead there in one Center Graphic image. She's not. She's unconscious. But basically this gorgeous fucking fat uddered super cow is fighting for her life! And the darkest consequences of that will happen eventually.
Ms. Freedom!
For some reason I did two full installments of her story. I was apparently going to comic-con after that. It's basically the best stuff you can imagine. I shy away from putting rather pornographic images in the free area but when that's what's happening I have no choice! And that's what's happening, baby!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Still not good. Still no samples. These aren't the superheroines you're looking for.

In the Superheroine Video Section... Superheroine Peril Perfection! Poor Scorpion. MWAA HAA HAA HAA HAAAA!!!!

I would normally feature the ramblings of the main superheroine of the week at the top of this page. But all American Fox can do in this installment is grunt or scream in agony. heh heh So we had some awesome quotes from the Minister of Superheroine Genocide!

06/16/2016 Member's Area:
Howsit going? Good? Good. Me too. JUST in time this week. But OH what a week!

American Fox! The Hellm! Ms. Freedom! Minister Thrall! TWO INSTALLMENTS! Plus Scorpion & The Keelix continue their deadly dance!

Center graphic will be posted with the free area update again. I also need to pre-load Banshee with images for twitter! Been sliding on that. See you tomorrow!

06/10/2016 Free Area:
And the long hard march to excellence continues!

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
I admit! Not a lot happens. Mostly story stuff. For me, it's best if the superheroine is basically DEMANDING the horrific abuse that she will inevitably get. UltraGirl is at the top of the stuck up spoiled super teen ladder. Plus... there's more of the bullets slamming into her tits. Which took a ridiculous amount of work but it HAD to be just right. All the bullets and shells were a bitch too! UltraGirl will get hers! Don't you worry!
Mystique Maiden!
And, as if to make up for the rather narrative heavy UltraGirl installment, Nightwing316 comes to the rescue! He gets right to it! I gave you an extra two samples of that because...
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
NOT GOOD! I won't be promoting this story or posting samples of it. It's bad. And there's no chance of you joining because you think something looks cool in a sample and the story ends up sucking when you get in the member's area. Four more weeks and then it will get jettisoned.

In the Superheroine Video Section... Watch the sample video. I don't need to explain anything to you. It's FUCKING AWESOME!!!

I appreciate your continued interest!

06/10/2016 Member's Area:
An hour late! Pretty great track record until this, though.

UltraGirl in Sector Three! Mystique Maiden by Nightwing316! Beacon! Scorpion! You will LOVE what's happening to Scorpion!

No time to do the center graphic. Freebie update should be at a reasonable time tomorrow evening.

06/03/2016 Free Area:
This is it! This is YOUR week! You've looked at all the material. Maybe you've seen some of it before, maybe not. You've certainly never seen the Scorpion videos at full size like they are now. And those American Fox & UltraGirl stories sure do look good. FUCK IT! I'm joining! - Yes? No? No?!! What are you, nuts? This is your last week to join and get all of the American Fox story. When I update next week, it's gooooone! You could see it in a Time Tunnel update of course... TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW! Value? Lets talk value. Speaking of only the brand new stories, if you join now you'll get two stories consisting of 190 panels. Plus you'll get at least 4 more installments adding 80 more panels for a total of 270. Holy shit. Each panel inappropriately obsessed over by DanO.. himself. (me) So, that and the Time Tunnel updates are icing on the cake basically. That's a ridiculous amount of very specialized entertainment for $20. Jeez, Wally! Ideally you keep the membership and enjoy superheroine peril once a week for $20 a month. Or, you join, get everything you want and cancel. Then I have to talk you into joining ALL OVER AGAIN!

THAT was the hard sell. Pretty good, eh? This ain't my first rodeo.
I've noticed only about 10% of those that checked out the first installment of American Fox's story actually clicked on any of the panels themselves and seen the two other versions. That's to be expected. Nobody reads everything. Hell, I don't. But if you missed looking at any of the panels without text and then zoomed in, GO CHECK IT OUT NOW. You can also click on the side image of American Fox and get a huge version of her too! That installment is the one that gets replaced next week but there is also another one. That's the one you'll miss seeing forever. Basically 30 extra panels and important story info. Plus members get every panel at full 2000X2000 unedited for those that like that. Like I said, if there's a character, a story, a scene, or even just one image that you really love, you get to see in every way possible.

By the way. If you're one of the SHC elders... you know... you've been a member for long stretches over the years; if YOU miss a few installments we'll take care of you of course. These warnings are for folks who have stopped in once in a while or for Freebies that never took the plunge.

Let's see what this week involved shall we?
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox!
I'm plying you with some graceful acrobatics this week. Well, as graceful as a super slut can be with 50 pounds of dairy fat on her chest. Don't worry. Fucking HORRIFIC things are going to happen to her. But we need to see her do HER THANG a bit first.
Butterscotch Fox!
We're basically just following the original updates. So this one doesn't have an extreme version yet. But, she's fucking gorgeous and so are the rest of the Foxes... natch.
Ms. Americana & Power Lass!
Mr. X's awesome superheroines are getting pretty messed up! This one does have an extreme version. Not too extreme, mind you. Mr. X isn't a sick fuck like ME! (and you?) Sick enough though!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
DO NOT join for this story. I checked ahead. I punch the eject button on this story in 5 weeks. It might be the only time in SHC history that I did that. I was not happy with the superheroines we had so we added another one. One I obviously did not find on my own. She did NOT help the story. DO NOT JOIN FOR THIS STORY! Clear?

In the Superheroine Video Section... We are talking cream of the crop, A-Number One! Awesome fighting and peril! Go enjoy it! I know you will!

I found out where to look to see how many hits my images on twitter were getting. A few thousand. That's ok. For now. They call them imprints or some such thing. "Hits" wasn't special enough for twitter I guess. Sheesh. 

If you NEVER buy a membership or product from us... thanks for stopping by anyway! When you stop by you give me a chance. And that's all I ask.


06/02/2016 Member's Area:
Well. This is a pleasant surprise. Another way above average update!

American Fox in Sector Two! Butterscotch Fox and friends! Ms. Americana & Power Lass! Beacon! Scorpion! So much awesome stuff!

Prepare for the hard sell tomorrow, freebies. This is the last week you can join and get the new American Fox story from the beginning. After that, you'll never have the whole story and you'll be sad. And I'll be sad. Don't make us sad.

05/27/2016 Free Area:
My pleasure! That's me assuming you're saying "Thanks DanO..!". No? Well, we appreciate you stopping by anyway. One of these days you'll see something you HAVE to have. And then... WE GOTCHA!

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Of course the receptionist knows this huge titted teen is UltraGirl. That won't stop her from unloading a rather massive amount of ammo into those delicious tits!
Power Angel!
A new Power Angel story by Danny Ryan! Not actually new. New in as much as it was when the update first went up 14 years ago. One benefit to me is that these stories are from so long ago, I forget what's gonna happen! And you probably have too, if you were around all those years ago. If not? It's DEFINITELY new to you.
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Both super girls are DOWN! But someone else has arrived. Hmmmm.
Red Fox!
Uuuuuhhhh... heh heh. Smudge is his own man! Let's say we tell different stories. There's a couple of panels of his conclusion to Red Fox's story.

NOT in the forbidden zone entry area:
Night Angel
Apparently. Unsurprisingly. Sometimes the extreme versions for some stories were posted months after the original installment. Especially if they were particularly gruesome. As is the case here. That's why there's no samples for you. Every panel is Night Angel all sliced up from Chaos' attack. You get the picture. I also posted the lite versions. So, if you want just one installment of a chopped up Night Angel... this one's for you.

In the Superheroine Video Section... WOW! Sexy, busty super slut! Grotesque monster! Horrific place (it's nest). Special Effects! Fighting! Crushing! Truly some of our best. And remember, it's never been seen at this size before! Very cool!

I did realize something when it comes to Twitter. Most people use their twitter account to communicate with their friends and families. They are very unlikely to follow DanO.. of SHC! Let me check... I have 32 followers at this time. I don't do a hell of a lot of work for something that's only going to be seen by 32 people! But since I know the vast majority of people checking the channel out can't follow... I guess it's OK. For now. (It would be nice to know how many hits it was getting.) Fun stuff being posted over there. Bookmark it I guess. I will slowly get all those who don't mind following a "superheroines in peril" ICON! And maybe some of you will create a separate account for all the nastiness!

Again, thanks fer stoppin' by and sittin' a spell.

5/26/2016 Member's Area:
WOW! What a great fucking update!

UltraGirl in Sector One! In Time Tunnel Two: An extreme Night Angel. Smudge!'s Red Fox! A new Danny Ryan Power Angel story! Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion! And an unbelievable Scorpion -VS- The Keelix!

If some of that didn't make sense, I'll explain it tomorrow. I'm delaying the center graphic for a day because I don't want to spoil what's going to happen to UltraGirl for the members. But all will be revealed tomorrow!

5/20/2016 Free Area:
Still not buying in? Whoa! Tough crowd! (Adjusts neck tie.) Well. Here's what we had this week:

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox!
Admit it! You thought American Fox was going to get butchered right there, didn't you! Well, that was the idea. Just a cliff hanger folks. Her "Staff of Justice!" saved the day if only for a few minutes. The attack was so devastating it appears as though this little respite was pointless. The Hellm is still ready to finish her off!
Ms. Freedom!
Ms. Freedom is still reliving the last time she nearly died as her body is pounded in the original story. Kind of a story within a story. Minister Thrall (Minister in charge of Superheroine Genocide on his native planet.) is beating the FUCK out of her!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
The Crusher McGee superheroine killing machine has been let loose! No more safety restraints. Blue Hornet is in mortal peril!
Poll Driven Comic
Not in the Access Area since you got examples of that comic a few months ago. The gooey and extreme versions of that installment got posted along with the original version.

In the Superheroine Video Section... I've decided that when we're running DVD sized remastered movies in the Time Tunnel I'll post full sized samples. There WILL be times when I can't do the bigger versions since the original files can't be found or are corrupt. Even if you have seen these videos before, the difference between how they were originally posted and the big size is quite remarkable!

And lastly, in case any of you come directly here instead of the front page... We've created a "DanO.." twitter account. I'll be giving Banshee sample renders from time to time to post there. The idea is "sneak peek" type stuff and additional material. At this point there should be images of two new characters and a few American Fox special images. Check it out!

5/19/2016 Member's Area:
8 AM? EIGHT AM?!! Sure, it happens. It would be nice to update the free area early tomorrow as well. We'll see.

But in the Member's Area: American Fox! Ms. Freedom! Silver, Violet, American and Butterscotch Fox! Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion! And Scorpion Charlie!

5/14/2016 Free Area:
Ooooh. I don't know. Do you get the impression that I'm proud of all the work I've been doing? There might be a tiny hint here and there. WELL I AM! And I'm thrilled to show you what we've been up to in the Forbidden Zone!.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox now has a companion in peril! They will swap back and forth week to week. In a few months two more superheroines will join them. But for now these two busty gorgeous super sluts will rock our world! UltraGirl has only been on Earth Prime for a few months but already she is the most hunted superheroine in the world. Not only is she the most powerful superheroine, she's gorgeous and she's an annoying teenaged girl! She's tired of all the death traps she's had to deal with (easily, comically so). She has the information she needs to go to the source of the most devious and plentiful attacks. She'll stroll right in and take these creeps down. Again, with comical ease. At least, that's what she thinks!
American Fox Panel Story Example
I said I was going to give you the entire first installment but it's 5 panels short. I made a few rather important changes between the first installment and the recent ones. And I wanted to show you the way stories are presented now and in the future. I think you will fucking love it though! It shows you how you can thoroughly enjoy an installment if a story or character is really getting you fired up!

No new video sample in the Superheroine Video Section... those come from the Time Tunnel updates and I had to skip that this week owing to the work necessary to start a new story. I've fixed that so it won't be so difficult to start a new character/story.

I really hope you enjoy these samples of what I think is top notch superheroine peril!
P.S. I came across a slutty render of American Fox that you can see in the panel story example. Very fun.

5/13/2016 Member's Area:
It's all very exciting! The new character and story has been posted in Sector Seven of the Forbidden Zone member's area. Also a 30 image gallery of said character. This was a lot of work so there is no Time Tunnel this week.

I can't tell you anymore! Just know you'll get to see it tomorrow on Saturday. I'VE JUST DECIDED! To get you guys excited too I'm going to give you the whole first installment of American Fox!!! Twenty five panels. It will allow you to see how the story is presented. See you then!

5/12/2016 Member's Area:
Member's update delayed. I've decided to start the new character/story this week. They and you freebies are going to LOVE IT! The update should go up Friday. 

Free area update will be delayed until Saturday at least. No center graphic until then. I enjoy knowing that members get to view surprises for a while by themselves before it's seen by everyone. (I imagine them giggling. Hee Hee) This is a very popular SHC character that has never been done in Poser before.

5/6/2016 Free Area:
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Right, DanO..! We're supposed to believe you're creating all this new content and we're supposed to forget all the late and non-existent updates in the past? Is that it? Riiiight. Bullshit!" Well... HOW DARE YOU!!! Just kidding. A totally appropriate point of view to have. But American Fox's story is continuing on nicely. It's awesome. And it's not the only new material in there. No way. No one has seen the Scorpion videos at 720X480. It was all a small 360X240 when it was first posted. See the classic... full sized! Enough of the hard sell! Here's the info.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox
American Fox's foe is the silent, emotionless Hellm. That is until it has American Fox totally helpless beneath it. The urge to play with this fat uddered super cow is too much to resist! Especially with those beautiful jugs spilling from the top of her bustier!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Blue Hornet thinks she's doing a charity match with a human professional wrestler for charity. WRONG! She'll actually fight a superheroine killing machine... literally!
Amazing action in his American Fox story! Plus he gets right to the good stuff immediately!

In the Superheroine Video Section... my favorite part of a superheroine story, actually. When she is unwittingly delivering the one thing the monster/villain wants most of all! Her delicious body! I tried to come up with a great analogy to describe this. The whole bacon suited calf thing. I love it! And I over use it immediately! HAAAA!

You are going to LOVE the super girl who joins American Fox in the members area! Soon.

5/5/2016 Member's Area:
FUN! FUN! FUN! Unless you're a superheroine. American Fox in Sector Six! And in Time Tunnel Eight: American Fox by Nightwing316! Blue Hornet & Crusher McGee! And Scorpion Charlie!

How can you miss out on all this awesomeness?!!

4/29/2016 Free Area:
OK, so I know 90 images rendered and edited into a story doesn't sound like much... wait... yes it does!  That's how far along the new computer rendered story has come. Pretty cool.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox
American Fox is fighting the good fight. She does not yet understand that she won't be leaving that chamber alive. I posted the "super sized" sample images just so you know how big each panel of the story is if you choose that size. Depending on your resolution and browser you may need to click on each image again to zoom to full size. There are three stages for every panel in the story. Texted: all the words and bangs and kludges. Edited: these are the images with all the editing but no text. Detail: A final stage where I zoom in on each image so you can see the detail in the most important spots. Tits... ass... etc. So double all that because you can choose 800X800 or 1200X1200. But wait! There's more! I also post each image in it's full rendered size of 2000X2000. So, basically... if you are really enjoying a particular story you can really enjoy every aspect of it!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
One down! One to go! But... there may be another!
Danny Ryan
Bindstra was just having fun. She shape shifted into a caricature of Butterscotch Fox called Butterscotch Cow. Unfortunately for her, all the monsters that prey on super sluts find her irresistible! Pretty bad when it's the "Hellworms". Bones are broken however when Mike The Mutant enters the scene!

In the Superheroine Video Section... lets just enjoy this moment... shall we? I wanted the model to go all out and boy did she! There's lots more of that in the member's area. And don't forget it's DVD sized.!

Everything's coming up roses and daffodils!

4/28/2016 Member's Area:
The legend grows! American Fox in Sector Five! And in Time Tunnel Seven: Bindstra/Butterscotch Cow! MIKE THE MUTANT! Crusher McGee! And Scorpion Charlie!

Free Area Update is DONE! And will be posted tomorrow morning!

4/22/2016 Free Area:
So violent! I don't want to see any of this!! Ok... you caught me. I DO want to see stuff like this and I've been making it just to look at it for decades. 

Let's get started shall we?
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
American Fox
The idea was to have a simple story to start off the new material in the Forbidden Zone. Of course I had to get to some deadly peril pretty quickly... just not THAT quickly. So even though it looks like she's already crushed to death... she gets out of it and is able to prove her superheroine-ness a bit before she's DESTROYED!!!
Blue Hornet & Pink Fusion
Expertly separated so they have NO CHANCE!!!
Danny Ryan
His EPIC Violet Fox "With Friends Like These..." has come to an end! Eight pages I think. Quite substantial.

In the Superheroine Video Section... the agony is so horrific, only an orgasm will ensure Scorpion Charlie survives. If she doesn't? The Institute couldn't care less! Yes... I repeated that from the center graphic. The correct phrase is COULDN'T care less. If you "could" care less, well then, you're not really saying anything. Please say it right. I'm so embarrassed in front of my English speaking friends from around the world. I'm speaking to my American friends here. I've even heard heroes of mine say it wrong. FIGHT BACK! Rage against the dying of the light!


4/21/2016 Member's Area:
The hits just keep on coming! American Fox in Sector Four! And in Time Tunnel Six: Danny Ryan's Violet Fox Conclusion! Crusher McGee! And Scorpion Charlie!

Free Area Update Tomorrow!

4/16/2016 Member's and Free Area:
Stop me if you've heard this one before... "A super slut walks into a trap and gets destroyed." That's basically the plot of the brand new American Fox story in the Forbidden Zone member's area. If you can't tell from the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area, I'm very proud of my work on this one. I beat the fuck out of Poser until I made it my bitch... and by extension several superheroines starting with American Fox. A normal update will be 20-25 panels. This was a double update to start the story. Also, normally the free area samples will be 4 images, smaller than member's get. Also, not psycho big thumbnails.

The plan is to have one of these new updates a week along with a Time Tunnel update. I think it will compare well to the offerings of other sites. No new Time Tunnel this week however because the website work to start up a new story is staggering. I've heard it a million times "DanO.. PLEASE! Do something NEW! ANYTHING!" I'm very happy to do just that. If you were one of those people I hope you enjoy this new story!

4/15/2016 Member's Area:
I'm finishing up a double installment of a brand new American Fox story for members. 50 panels total. It should go up Saturday and I hope to update the free area the same day. This is the first new material in a long time so it's kind of a big deal!

4/9/2016 Member's and Free Area:
Ahhhh. Much better. That was pretty trippy yesterday. My thought process was a flat line. I do want to let you know what's been going on in the zone so here you go:

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Gold Avenger
THE END OF GOLD AVENGER!!! Figuratively. Literally. Emotionally? No. Having defeated Gold Avenger, The Mayhem Maven uses the Apex File to contact inter-dimensional aliens. She sells this "animal" to them for their experiments. In return she will receive technology to eventually rule the world!!! She's not ruling the world right now so I guess she messed up somewhere. Gold Avenger DOES return in the future. I don't know how I justified it. But really... who cares? As long as her banging body comes back!
Crusher McGee
An AWESOME storyline that, in the end, didn't have the right pieces. One of few stories I ever punched the "Abort Button" on. Don't ever join for something you see in that story. It never finishes. It's a long story (why that is). I did want to show you the fucking cool editing I did, however. That's really McGee's head in her hands. One of my finest photo editing achievements.
Ms. Freedom
Wow! Ms. Freedom is HORRIFICALLY ABUSED! I couldn't be happier!
Solar Woman
Solar Woman has hit rock bottom and is treated like a back alley whore. HEE HEE HEEE!!! Oh... I mean... Awwwww.
Ms. Americana
More Mr. X! The "Queen of Justice" isn't treated like any royalty I've ever seen. Fantastic!
Butterscotch Fox
As much as our little niche can have a history... or classics... you're looking at it. I loved it when I competently illustrated the scenes in my mind. That's what you see here. I wish I could do more but it's like there's a brick wall between me and more hand drawn artwork. I'd go to a psychiatrist but they'd want to fix my "superheroines in peril" issue more than anything. And for me... and you... that's unacceptable.

In the Superheroine Video Section... With the second Scorpion dead, The Institute decides to create a THIRD Scorpion. What do they care?!! It's not them that will get beaten, raped and eaten!

I am currently working on a Poser story (computer rendered). A new story. It will feature American Fox who shares some characteristics with one of our favorite super sluts. It's looking great for it to start next week. See ya.

4/8/2016 Member's and Free Area:
All caught up but I'm falling asleep. Lots to tell you about but not right now. Free area samples are up. Enjoy. This is kind of funny actually. I can't think straight. I will tell you all about the stories and everything tomorrow.


3/29/2016 Free Area:
COW-POCALYPSE! I've thought it a million times but never used it. Then I saw that image of Butterscotch Cow and knew it's time had come! (For those of you that don't know Butterscotch Cow is a creation of the shape shifting demon Bindstra to humiliate Butterscotch Fox. But there's a twist! Hilarity ensues.) Hi there, freebies. I was almost ready with this last night when my computer crapped out on me. Norton's continual defrag is not a good idea. I'm sure you can't even get it anymore but I have it on my old machine that I do the work on.

So you have samples from the first three time tunnels with samples of the other two coming Friday. The center graphic has samples from the whole kit and caboodle. (Caboodle is spelt with a "c"! Imagine that!) The video sample is from tunnel three which will show up Friday with four. It's quite large and well explained in the Superheroine Video Section.

In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Gold Avenger
Gold Avenger has been poisoned and The Mayhem Maven makes her crawl for the antidote! There's a twist! Hilarity ensues. The truth about the Apex File is revealed as well as Gold Avenger's horrific fate. Also! Unmasking! Hilarity ensues.
Solar Woman
Solar Woman is haunted by the death of Comet Girl! She is insulted and attacked by the Vampyre Mistress that killed her! Hilarity ensues.
Ms. Freedom
While Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl are being beaten to death... Ms. Freedom's abuse addled mind continues to focus on the the two times her life seemingly hung by a thread. This time we see her being broken in half by Minister Thrall! Hilarity DOES NOT ensue! Why would it?! What's wrong with you?!!
Red Fox
Smudge's crazy little story. He's got his own little niche. Don't join just for him because there's not enough to justify it. Here I would tell you to go join HIS site if you like his stuff. But I just realized the link I have on my front page is just an info page for him. I'm pretty sure he still has a pay site and I shall return with that information at a later date!
Ms. Americana
Extra installments of Mr. X! Apparently I was behind and posted extra stuff because I had it and could afford to buy more. Really top notch stuff! We were all getting damned good at computer generated artwork at this time. "The Trapster" has his way!
Butterscotch Fox -vs- Fyre
The conclusion by Nightwing316! There's a twist! Hilarity ensues!

See you Friday!

3/26/2016 Member's Area:
Ok you poor, wretched, yearning to breath free; Freebies. I have added NEXT Thursday's member's update. It features Solar Woman, Ms. Americana... T4698 and Crusher McGee?!! You'll see.

Sunday is horrible for me to get anything done. So you will see samples of HALF of this cornucopia of superheroine peril on Monday. You'll get the other half on Friday. There's so much and it will give you a reason to pop in on Friday. After that hopefully something cool will begin. Sorry you guys had to wait again so long!

I won't update the center graphic until Monday's free area update is done. So when you see that, you're golden. Hit refresh once in a while. You'll probably see it quicker.

3/25/2016 Member's Area:
Hello there. Four installments of the time tunnel have been posted. That brings us up to date. I want to post another installment tomorrow to get a week ahead. Members know why. Pretty cool. What was posted? WELL! Can you say "EVERYTHING!". Of course you can. I'll forget something but here goes. Ms. Freedom, Minister Thrall, Solar Woman, Gold Avenger, Galaxy Girl, Scorpion Bravo & Charlie, The Keelix, Butterscotch Fox, American Fox, Ms. Americana and a herd of others.

This of course means an ENORMOUS free area update as soon as possible. Monday most likely.

It's good to see you! (I can see you, you know. Trade secret. (This is a joke. I know some people will believe anything.))

2/26/2016 Free Area:
Welllllll... apparently rendering 360 frames at 2000X3000 pixels (there's a reason for it) takes over 24 hours! Whodahthunk? Not me, obviously. This info is for members by the way. In case they look here wondering when the American Fox video gets posted. Other than that we have...
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Gold Avenger
Look at the samples man. WOW!
Butterscotch Fox
What is "Foosh"? My idea was that the hellworms talk while they're violating their captive prey. They also ejaculate often while they're talking. Foosh... is my onomatopoeic word for cumming out your mouth while you're talking. Hellworms that is. Don't cum out your mouth while YOU talk. That would be disgusting! The end result is gorgeous, busty superheroines in jaw dropping peril!

In the Superheroine Video Section, nothing new. The movie this week was a Poser animated video I made back then. I'm not great at animation now and I was worse then. It IS actually entertaining though... to my surprise. As stated earlier, I will be adding a new, very simple video of American Fox to it probably tomorrow. The render is almost over.

All in all... superheroine peril at it's finest! Per usual.

2/25/2016 Member's Area:
Butterscotch, Silver, American & Violet Fox in the PDC! Gold Avenger stripped! A nice little ancient poser video. I tried to have a new animation ready for the update but it's still rendering. Will add that before Freeland gets samples.

Gorgeous Stuff!

2/19/2016 Free Area:
I've been a gooooood boy! Getting lots of work done. The super sluts in the member's area however... not so much!
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area:
Gold Avenger
The girl can't help it! Like many superheroines, when Gold Avenger is helpless and utterly defeated she is the most sexually overwhelmed. She grinds her wet cunt against the Maven's rude fingers. Holy Fuck!
Violet Fox
Danny Ryan's magnum opus gallops to it's conclusion! After this, just one more installment to go. (Apparently. That's what he says in the story anyway!)

In the Superheroine Video Section, as promised, the full conclusion to Sapphire Strike's story! The video quality isn't what I'd like but there's no mistaking a fucking classic tale! If you join this week you'll be able to see the whole story except for an intro. (She wakes up and Dearth introduces himself.) That's why it's called a sloppy short. Next week a poser video and then the following week Scorpion continues!!!

Awesome stuff! 

2/18/2016 Member's Area:
Danny Ryan delivers Violet Fox and the whole SHC herd! Gold Avenger! Sapphire Strike!

Sapphire Strike concludes with a minute and a half video... which I will post in the FREE AREA! Tomorrow! And not so late.

Seize Ya!

2/12/2016 Free Area:
Very clever. Many of you joined to see the special stuff in the member's area. I will remove the special material code named "Wonder Cow" Sunday night. If you join after that it will be gone.
I made the center graphic before I remembered that this is a double update. All the samples are there however for your perusal in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.
Gold Avenger
One pleasure villains rarely enjoy is beating a superheroine with their own hands. Usually they need to rely on machines or super powered henchmen or monsters to destroy their prey. Having brought the poison ravaged Gold Avenger back to her lair, The Mayhem Maven is delighting herself with the helpless super slut. That shot of her being held by her hair while she's on her knees. Gorgeous!
American Fox
Just as we are finishing with our Wonder Cow fun Nightwing316's American Fox story begins! Very timely. My own version of American Fox is in the works. Several Foxes appear and they end up in a gang bang because... SLUTS!
Ms. Freedom
HOLY FUCK! I stopped the samples before things got too blood splurty. She gets wreaked! Tits torn open. The whole nine yards. See... she is being savagely beaten in the story and her damaged brain flashes back to the only other time it looked like she was going to die. She foolishly went up against the fucking incredible Vixen Venom!
In the Superheroine Video Section everything is the same. I will remove the special video sample Sunday night. Did you scroll down to see it? Scroll down. That character will have a uniform change and appear in a story soon, we hope. 

Almost forgot! Our security certificate expired so the order page for superheroine merchandise showed not secure. We renewed but then it took a few days to show up here. It appears to work now. Especially important if you joined the member's area and wanted to take advantage of the member's discount.

2/11/2016 Member's Area:
An unbelievable Ms. Freedom! Gold Avenger! Sapphire Strike!

I was going to remove the "special content" (wonder cow) today but realized some of you might join today or tomorrow and you need to be able to get to it. So I will remove it Sunday evening.


2/5/2016 Free Area:
I would have had this up a few hours ago but the program crashed when I was 3/4 done. But now you have the samples I promised in the Superheroine Video Section.
Every week I was very upset that I couldn't find the raw files of Sapphire Strike so I could rerender them larger and clearer. I've created an extensive sample video for you that really gives you an idea of how awesome a video serial it is. It is actual size. That's the size you'll find in the member's area. I also posted the installment images that upset so (because they're so fantastic).
I also posted a sample video for you. It's just for fun. There's more in the member's area but will be removed next week! Along with the all the still images.


2/4/2016 Member's Area:
I updated the member's area early this morning. American Fox in "A Fox is a Fox For Life!" by Nightwing316! Gold Avenger and Sapphire Strike!

I did not get the video samples done for the free area. You're going to love it. Tomorrow is the normal free area update day so I'll definitely get it posted then.
We are way behind on emails. We will try to catch up this weekend. If you don't hear back from us by then please email again. If this delay has cost you money (tried to cancel and you got charged again) you will get a refund.


2/3/2016 Free Area:
All done catching up in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. I just added the last four weeks to the previous four weeks I had updated. Going from top to bottom (Newest to Oldest).
Mega Girl & Blonde Widow
It's my intention to start up a series of comics produced in Poser. It's something I can do myself and not cost any extra money. American Fox will be the first character but other characters will inhabit this world. Mega Girl & Blonde Widow amongst them. I posted some images of the creation process. The Wonder Cow images I was playing with led to this. If I can do her I can do American Fox. Same costume challenges.
Gold Avenger
Excellent combat with the Mayhem Maven's henchmen. She is the most dangerous of the group however. She has a syringe of Lacticide and enjoys plunging it into Avenger's chest repeatedly! This cute little actress could do "evil" better than most.
Butterscotch Fox
The Foxes watch in horror as the evil god RothRex kills their goddess and begins eating her. As he is dragging her away they realize that it's the annual religious event "The Feast of RothRex". Although they are gods they are limited in some ways. They play out this horrific event every year and never remember it. A week later Deina rises again.
Red Fox
No... not him! A fun little comic installment from Smudge!
Butterscotch Fox is tortured while the binds holding her also suspend the other Foxes over deadly consequences. Violet Fox is the first to fall. Perfect superheroine peril by Reno.
Ms. Freedom
The star spangled slut and Liberty Girl get obliterated by the common thugs. Their Lactite laced bats see to that. Beaten nearly to death, Ms. Freedom's damage addled brain relives the only other time her life seemed lost. A horrifying encounter with Vixen Venom!
Solar Woman & Comet Girl
The conclusion to the Nightwing316 classic. Solar Woman escapes alive... her side kick does not. A dramatic end to a superheroine peril classic.
Ms. Magnificent
One thing I've learned as we experience the earliest material on the site is that I was late from the very beginning. A symptom of the creative process I suppose. I wasn't ready with a new poll driven comic so I posted this story of sorts about a doomed superheroine. Her legend dies as the world learns the truth about her disturbing fate.
Violet Fox
"With Friends Like These..." by Danny Ryan. The professional comic by the professional comic book artist. Filled to the brim with Superheroine Central stars.
Ms. Freedom Again
This is the installment before the previous one. The two super powered sluts almost laugh as they throw around the "normal" thugs. Laughter isn't an option when they are beaten within an inch of their lives.
Ms. Americana
The six page conclusion of the Mr. X classic "Closed on Sundays!"

So, that's two months worth of material.
This brings us to the videos. Pretty much the reason I've had such a hard time getting things done lately. The SHC Sloppy Short "Dr. Dearth's Revenge" featuring Sapphire Strike. The video is small (320X240)... highly compressed... and AWESOME!!! It deserves to be rerendered at a higher resolution and lightly compressed to preserve the details as much as any classic on SHC. I spent a couple weeks looking for the original files and fighting with age crippled drives. Every time I posted another time tunnel and saw the sample graphic showing awesome material it filled me with rage. But there is nothing I can do about it now. I need to take apart the old drives, clean them and see if I can coerce files off of them. I may need to get an old computer running to see how much of my problem is trying to talk to old drives with newer operating systems.
So, this is what I'm going to do with the videos. I'm going to put together a little sample of the action from the posted files. They'll look pretty bad. I'll also post the images associated with all the installments. I'll also add some sample video from my Wonder Cow experiments. I'll need to remove it in a week. Get it while you can. I'll post this tomorrow when I update the members area. That will finish the free area update for this week. Next week will be a double update of the images but I won't have anything to show you video wise.

Did you read all that?!!

1/29/2016 Member's Area:
I've kept the members fed over this "dark" time. I also updated the Forbidden Zone Access Area even though I didn't update this "S'new". So I have a lot more samples for freebies but no videos I can/want to show. That's been the biggest problem.

So, I plan on getting the free area up to date Saturday. That's the plan. What can I say other than that?

1/1/2016 Member's Area:
Well! That went off the rails pretty dramatically. The member's area has been updated with two Time Tunnels. Violet Fox and an army of SHC Superheroines. Gold Avenger! The Nest! Sapphire Strike! Ms. Magnificent! And others.

FREEBIES! You've been starving for new samples. Hopefully Saturday will be your day.


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