"I obey."
-- Brite Star
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

3/26/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel and Stinger! Brite Star and Galaxy Girl!

See you tomorrow.

3/20/2015 Free Area:
Mr. X was getting damn good by the time of the "Closed on Sundays!" story. In a lot of ways it looks like his current material. Over the years we've both gotten DARKER! hee hee   After you've created what you've always wanted to see you come up with new stuff you want. And it gets more... distilled.  Check out the samples of that story in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. You can also see Brite Star's body betray her as the Hag feeds on her "essence". Holy FUCK! It's volcanically hot shit!

A little bit of treading water while the next video in line was getting put together. We'll see what it is when it runs!

It's time for me to put together another product for the Superheroine Merchandise Section. I've gotten quite a few requests but it wouldn't hurt to get some more. Email what you'd love to see for sale from our old stories... sales@superheroinecentral.com!

3/19/2015 Member's Area:
Ms. Americana! Brite Star! Galaxy Girl! in Time Tunnel Four.

More info tomorrow!

3/14/2015 Free Area:
It took longer than I thought to pull samples from the two hundred plus screen grabs of "UltraWoman's Shame!" Why did I post screen grabs all those years ago? This was back in the dark ages and some people didn't have the bandwidth to download even the tiny movies. We got a lot of requests for screen grabs. It's a really good visual representation of what happens in the video however. If you join RIGHT NOW you can watch the video serial from the time the Mop Monster (Osmigon) first appears. (Time Tunnel Four) Remember! The videos themselves are half the size of those screen grabs. Someone, I don't know who, deleted the original files to save space. Wasn't that nice? Damn mother fucking cock suckers may they burn in hell! Nobody admitted it at the time and I'm guessing that's because my face was beet red when I found out. I rarely get mad. I save it for shit like that. See 37 of the screen grabs in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. There you'll also find samples of Brite Star paying the price for the old hag's assistance and Butterscotch Fox giving herself to Bindstra in a dimwitted attempt to save her fellow superheroines!

Explosive sexual gymnastics! I love when words paint a vibrant picture!

3/12/2015 Member's Area:
Ohhhh ho ho ho ho... what an update! A jarringly cool Butterscotch Fox poll driven comic. An old hag inflicts lezbo sex on a squirming Brite Star and out takes from UltraWoman plus a couple hundred screen grabs from the video. Not an exaggeration!

I think everything is cool now and the free area update should go on tomorrow with out a hitch.
Along that line, we have apparently caught up on all the emails so if you didn't hear back from us you might want to send it again.

See you tomorrow!

3/7/2015 Free Area:
Here you go! Caught up with everything except the movie. There was also another members update  featuring Nightwing316's Butterscotch Fox story "Playing With Fyre!"
We finally fixed an email server problem, we have all the emails and hope to finish handling them by Monday. So if you haven't gotten a response yet, that's why. Check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area! 

I'll talk to you again soon!

2/28/2015 Member's Area:
Wow, sorry freebies. You're next. But in the member's area; Dr. Evil's DynaDame, Stinger, BriteStar & UltraWoman.
We shot, it was cool. Shooting again this Wednesday.

Monday should be freebie day.

2/14/2015 Member's Area:
Happy Valentine's Day? Doesn't really fit here does it? Some real world problems made this late and I'm going to push the free area update to next week.
In the member's area we have an American Fox focused PDC! Plus Brite Star & UltraWoman!

Shooting Wednesday. Wish us luck!

2/7/2015 Free Area:
Here you go. Sorry it wasn't up yesterday. Good stuff! But I'm obviously in a rush so just go check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. And if you're new here... (hey, it still happens) there's video samples in the Superheroine Video Section
This slight flurry of activity by me has generated more members and quite a few purchases. Thanks guys! We're actually shooting a video short on the 18th so your interest has not gone in vain!

Thanks again.

2/5/2015 Member's Area:
Nightwing316's Solar Woman & Comet Girl! Brite Star! UltraWoman!
I slew a mighty financial dragon this week. ("Slayed" isn't a word apparently.) Very helpful.

Free Area update tomorrow!

1/31/2015 Free Area:
One benefit of creating a comic book universe is once you've invented a character they become a real entity in the world. Butterscotch Fox, UltraWoman, Mighty Girl... OGMIDON! An inter-dimensional god that controls matter to feed on the beings of our world. In this case though, everyone just calls him THE MOP MONSTER!!! Hee hee! Funny.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you will see samples of extremely cool stuff. Brite Star is really in trouble! Bob... or "Bawb" as he spells it, is not only extremely strong. His body emits a dampening field that saps her power the longer she tussles with him! The longer the fight goes on, the more likely she will be destroyed. Cool! And Night Angel is unmasked!!! That's a bid deal for some of you. There are very real consequences to it too! And, speaking of characters becoming real entities... Danny Ryan included UltraWoman and Brite Star into his story because he liked the characters so much. Double cool! In the Superheroine Video Section I added a decently long sample video of UltraWoman versus Ogmi... The Mop Monster! As I described it at the time "We have officially risen to the level of the worst Dr. Who episode you've ever seen!" Pretty big deal at the time because there wasn't a lot of video editing tools way back then.

I forgot a bunch of stuff recently. I forgot to add more samples from the Eternal Gallery and I forgot to have my IT guy turn on the purchase function for Thrust Girl in the Forbidden Zone. So since I haven't done that, lets add another week of Thrust Girl free for members. If for no other reason than to see her tits get mauled on the main page!

I've been working on new stuff. Wish us well!

1/30/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel! Stinger! Brite Star! UltraWoman!
I spent the week moving office stuff among other things. Freebies got screwed!!! I'm hoping to post a great free area update tomorrow!

1/22/2015 Member's Area:
Danny Ryan's Violet Fox story! Busty BriteStar! Uncanny UltraWoman!

Free & Member's Area Store:
Everything appears to be working. Some pages might have a "CD" version available. That's not true and will be fixed later. The "shopping cart" functionality still doesn't work however so each item needs to be purchased separately. Free access to the Thrust Girl video for members isn't working so I will be making it available to all members tomorrow for a week. Sorry for all the hassle. Trust me, it's a nightmare for a merchant to have customers that want to buy his stuff but you can't get the door to the fucking store open!

Free area samples and probably more info if I can think of it tomorrow!

1/16/2015 Free Area:
I used way too many exclamation points and capital letters in the center graphic this week... but hey, is there a better situation for that than comic book heroines in DIRE PERIL?!!! No... no there isn't.
I'm going to let the standard samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area speak for themselves which leaves the eternal gallery samples and the video sample in the Superheroine Video Section. I gave you the smallest of every desktop image in the gallery. They increase in size to 1600X1200 (My "pro" screen resolution at the time.) I haven't made any more since we were forced into the wide screen monitors we have today. I'd like to though! And they would go into the Eternal Gallery Desktop area. So all of those are probably the wrong aspect ratio for your screen. Just have it stretch. They still look awesome.
"Heavy is the chest of NightWatch!" Because she's trapped by the Trophy Hunter? Because of the responsibilities of protecting the whole world? Nah. 'Cause she's got huge tits! And they look fucking fantastic don't they? It was sort of a test shoot. You see just about everything that happens in the sample. There's just more of every scene that might be grabbing your fancy.
Thanks for your patience while we work out the problems of the Superheroine Merchandise Store. As I mention, the Mighty Girl comic is fine. Everything else appears broken. I will DEFINITELY let you know when it's all fixed. I am NOT in a position to turn down anyone's money fer cripes sake!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm guessing you're glad you did. 

1/15/2015 Member's Area:
An insanely good time tunnel update. Butterscotch Fox poll driven comic. Two Smudge stories. Brite Star. UltraWoman.

An insanely good free area update is in store for tomorrow. Samples of that stuff plus a 3 minute sample video of NightWatch as the prey for the Trophy Hunter which is in the eternal gallery of the member's area.

As the front page note states, buying the Mighty Girl comic works fine. Everything else doesn't work. We didn't realize the problem was so pronounced. I've already extended the memberships of those that joined for that sweet, sweet membership discount. Email us if you're in the same situation. I am definitely NOT in a position to turn away ANYONE that wants to spend money here and that's an understatement. Thanks to those of you that emailed about the problem.

1/10/2015 Free Area:
"Let's not get carried away here." That's what I thought as my videos were rendering and I was pulling samples from Power Angel's awesome story. So I'm going to put samples of the "Eternal Gallery" in the free area over the next few weeks. This week, that ball shatteringly sexy Power Angel being taken out by a "Krex". Next week I'll have a pretty amazing sample of the Trophy Hunter short featuring NightWatch. She... wow... she really does the cow thing good! Big udders wobbling around. You'll love it. And as is the point, anytime you join the member's area you get these special things. So if you want to buy Mighty Girl's story and access to the Zone for the same price as the story alone, you'll see it's worth it. See Power Angel's huge glistening tits in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.

There you'll also see Brite Star is seeking the aid of a grotesque hag in her hunt for the ultimate evil. Well... that's her plan anyway. And Reno's awesome artwork of Butterscotch Fox in "Pervatory".

Things are starting to spin up a bit. Hmmmmm. 

1/9/2015 Free Area:
I'm postponing the free area update! An important meeting came up. I could have thrown it together quickly but I made the comment that I wanted to post samples of some of the extra material in the Forbidden Zone that most people don't know about. So it's a Saturday work day for me where I'll be happy to hook you up.

See you then.

1/8/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch Fox in Pervatory by Reno! Brite Star is... THE PREY! And UltraWoman in "UltraWoman's Shame!"

Special free area update tomorrow. I've never put samples up of all the material in the "Eternal Gallery" in the member's area. Lots of cool stuff that is always in there. So there will be an enormous amount of samples and well worth stopping by!

1/5/2015 Mighty Girl Comic for Sale:
What an enormous task! This story deserved the very best. The best banner. The best "for sale" page. And when you purchase and get into the comic it deserved the best menus and such. So from top to bottom this comic reflects the greatness of The Magnificent Mighty Girl and her outrageous peril, incredible demise, mesmerizing afterlife and rebirth. Epic doesn't begin to describe it! It's set up so you can go from page 1 to 76 in giant size, both lite and extreme. Plus the smaller sizes are in there and the artwork stages from my humble sketches to the glorious full color pages.

As always, plenty of cool samples even if you don't want to purchase. Only $20 for members.

Check it out!

1/2/2015 Free Area:
Time to clear out this rat's nest of a "What's New" page. I hope all of you have a great new year. But more importantly, I hope I HAVE A GREAT new year. So back to you having a great new year; You have some great samples of EXTREME superheroine peril! I'm not feeling like chatty Kathy today so just go check out the Forbidden Zone Access Area.

It is my intention to finally get Mighty Girl's comic up for sale tomorrow. There will be lots of kick ass sample images so you'll want to stop by for that too! 


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