"Goodbye Slut! Time to poke some holes in your treasure chest!"
-- Mayhem Maven
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

11/26/2015 Member's Area:
Violet Fox and all her "Friends"! Gold Avenger! The NEST!

Happy Thanksgiving! There'll be some delightfully awful samples tomorrow. Gold Avenger (in her human form) gets the holy hell beaten out of her and I'm going to post extreme versions. So if you're into that... be here.

11/21/2015 Free Area:
The classic tale! Ms. Freedom in "The Box!" Check it out in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Ten pages start the story and there's plenty of superheroines vs bad guys stuff. Her true foe won't be revealed until later. The story is NOT FOR SALE in the Superheroine Merchandise Section. I guess we never got around to putting it together. Therefore the only way to enjoy Ms. Freedom's incredible peril is membership. Also you'll see how much the torture and interrogation of Jenny (AKA Gold Avenger) is very homoerotic. In a good way. The best way actually.
In the Superheroine Video Section... Big fat slop covered tits flop back and forth as the Professor prepares her equipment of torture! Those are superheroine tits! Can you guess which one?

Keep on keeping on!

11/20/2015 Member's Area:
Sorry for the delay. I was trying to do something really cool but couldn't. Members know what it was and if I can in the future. In the meantime... Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl! Gold Avenger! Ambassador huge tits!

Free area update delayed a day also, so Saturday.

11/14/2015 Free Area:
Hi there! Let me tell you about the cool stuff you're seeing samples of in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Jenny's situation is so hot it's scalding! Even though she is in her non-super powered form, she suffers from a common weakness of superheroines of The Institute. Being bound, helpless and threatened forces them into a state of uncontrollable sexual urges. She actually humps the invading hand of the Mayhem Maven thus humiliating herself. Well... you have to see what happens next. Wow. And then there's Nightwing316's Solar Woman & Comet Girl. They are being systematically destroyed. No superheroine nightmare is being overlooked! The last bit is from Yuri's story. A fan emailed that he really wanted that story. I looked for it. Found it. Three 5 page installments. Wouldn't be in the time tunnel for a few years. So, since I found it so easily I decided to be nice and post the whole thing in the Eternal Gallery. It's not quite our cup of tea although it really is great. Not superheroines as we envision them. It's also a bit of a test. If a bunch of guys join to see it I'll consider posting special stuff like that when someone requests it. I doubt this will be the case however. One fan is happy though and that's a good thing.
In the Superheroine Video Section... Hostage and evil scientist! When the superheroine fails- what happens to those she would rescue. Terrible... TERRIBLE things! (Sexy too.)

France... we feel for you and know how ghastly an attack can be. Eliminate the bad guys and heal as you can.

11/13/2015 Free Area:
Update's up but I'm falling asleep. I'd love to tell you about it and I will. Tomorrow.
In the meantime, as always, go look in the Forbidden Zone Access Area and Superheroine Video Section to see if there's something you can't live without!

I'm hoping there is something!

11/12/2015 Member's Area:
Solar Woman & Comet Girl! Gold Avenger! Scorpion! & Yuri's 15 page comic by request!

So many busty super babes! So little time!

11/6/2015 Free Area:
OK! Where wuz we?!! Oh, right... in the Forbidden Zone Access Area Jenny... AKA Gold Avenger is being interrogated by some murderous scum and villainy! Where is the Apex File?!! They don't fuck around. Unlike the goddess Deina and her immortal foe RothRex! The god of hate, lust and flesh has overcome the goddess of life and love! Simultaneously raping and eating her at the same time. An absolutely fantastic gore fest! This forces the Foxes into a biting/clawing panic as they strain toward orgasm. It's a sad day for fat uddered super cows everywhere! And then I gave you a couple of the pencil pages I posted in the member's area at half size. It would be unwise to join just for that. They look cool though!
In the Superheroine Video Section.... killin' theez super bitches is hard! They keep getting up! Except this time! Is this the end of Scorpion?!! 

Enjoy the carnage!

11/5/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch, American, Silver and Violet Fox by DanO..(me)! Deina & RothRex (me as well)! Gold Avenger! Scorpion! And Butterscotch Fox & The Toad by Wreckshop!

Yes, your deepest, darkest fantasies made real!

10/30/2015 Free Area:
A nice solid Time Tunnel update. In the Forbidden Zone Access Area Gold Avenger's story is quite exciting. Without her powers she feels worse than naked! These homicidal ruffians could kill her and all the other office workers on a whim! Will she be able to transform and save the day?!! Of course! Don't be obtuse! And Reno's Butterscotch Fox story is delightfully disturbing. Butterscotch Fox could free herself but she'd kill the other Foxes if she did. So she must allow herself to be raped in every hole as the others watch her revolting fate!
In the Superheroine Video Section.... FINE! Scorpion isn't dead. (yet!) But while she's incapacitated a set of gorgeous fucking "Baby Milk Factories" get jerked off on and it's TRANSCENDENT! What an odd word to use.

I'm an odd fellow. I admit it and embrace it!

10/29/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch, American, Silver and Violet Fox by Reno! Gold Avenger! Scorpion! And the Ambassador's succulent udders!

Looking bad for the super sluts!

OH! Someone asked us how to join. We answered but the email bounced back undeliverable. If you ask us a question, make sure SuperheroineCentral.com is appropriately marked as a safe email host.

10/23/2015 Free Area:
Let's get right to the awfulness... shall we? In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see that silly cunt Gold Avenger left her power gem in the reception area. Doh! Certain superheroines are powered in different ways. She needs the power gem to use hers. When she hears that the witnesses will be killed she has to make her move. She tries to make a run for it but the Mayhem Maven's henchmen are too well trained. She is introduced to the butt of a machine gun a few times.
And then we have the end of Night Angel's saga. In one she defeats Grunt!, the abomination created by Chaos and the Ice Princess pumping their energies into their lackey. Grunt! already killed his mistresses but once he is destroyed, Night Angel is victorious. In the "other" ending... well... it ends with Grunt! enjoying his lunch. Let me just say that. All the samples are from the "She Wins" ending. Basically all of the "She Loses" ending was quite a bit too much for this side of the pay wall.
And we also have the conclusion to Mr. X's Star Princess story. Kind of a Power Ranger thing. He was basically experimenting. If you love it, great! We never did anymore Power Ranger type stuff though. That was a really good story however!
In the Superheroine Video Section.... well... fuck! See what I'm going for there?!! Yes. Speaks for it's self.

Lots of joins lately! Thanks!

10/22/2015 Member's Area:
The outrageous conclusion to Night Angel "Fall From Grace!" Also, the conclusion to Mr. X's Star Princess! Also Gold Avenger and Scorpion!

The center graphic is supposed to change when the member's area is updated. I've been bad about that most of the time. But it's right this week! Drool at the sexy center graphic and then come back tomorrow to get more samples if it wasn't enough to get you to join!

10/16/2015 Free Area:
A bad week for superheroines is a good week for us! In the Forbidden Zone Access Area it's the very first Gold Avenger story! THE APEX FILE! Gold Avenger is undercover to protect The Institute's research at a computer research firm. She didn't expect the likes of The Mayhem Maven to make a move on the important Apex File! FUN! The Maven's henchmen are a trio of homicidal clods! Thank you... some of our best acting. Then we have Mr. X's Star Princess! A 31 image installment of a Japanese style superheroine! And then we also have another installment of Nightwing316's excellent Solar Woman & Comet Girl series! Both Mr. X and Nightwing316 had hit their stride and were producing top of the line Poser content by this time.
And in the Superheroine Video Section I am communicating directly with your lizard brain! I've bypassed your Id and I am stimulating your autonomic reflexes. When Scorpion's delicious cunt and ass crawl slowly and helplessly away from the you there is only one response possible... "I WANT TO FUCK HER TILL SHE CAN'T WALK ANY MORE!!!".

Very bad for superheroines indeed!

10/15/2015 Member's Area:
Mr. X's Star Princess! Nightwing316's Solar Woman & Comet Girl! Scorpion! And the very first Gold Avenger story!

10/10/2015 Free Area:
As I mentioned I added this week's samples to the awesome glut of samples from before. The delightfully cruel RothRex is introduced into the Fox universe. The foe of the cow goddess Deina. He is the god of Hate, Lust, and flesh! The foxes watch helplessly as he defeats their goddess and begins to rape and eat! Also, Brite Star snuffeth. Gonzo. Dead! It's the alternate ending where Lord Thöt gets his way. There's no extreme version I'm afraid. I guess I never got around to it. So the symbolism of light bleeding out of her is as extreme as it gets. And we also have a fun little extra, Superheroine Trading Cards by Smudge! I left everything full sized since you had to wait a day.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area I didn't add a new sample video and here's why... The video in this week's Time Tunnel is exactly like the "History of Scorpion" video except it's about the history of the Keelix. It's also three times as long. It's also almost all video instead of stills. It's also 380 megs. (That's almost HALF A GIG!). So I couldn't just give it to you and those sorts of videos aren't good to sample from. They don't make a lot of sense unless you're following the narrative.

BUT!!! And it's a big BUT! I will resample it down to 320X480 and give it to you later IF I fuck up in the following weeks. (Late updates, samples etc.) The odds of that happening are depressingly good! So this week I just want members to enjoy the Legend of The Keelix but I could see giving it to you guys in the near future as well. Smaller and more compressed as I mentioned. It would be less that 100 megs in that case and more plausible.


10/8/2015 Member's Area:
Back on track. Deina & RothRex! Brite Star! Smudge! Scorpion! And the legend of The Keelix!

A free area "addition" will take place tomorrow. All those other samples haven't been up long enough to take down.

10/5/2015 Free Area:
If you're having difficulty downloading movies or the pages are slow, sorry about that. It might just be me however. We're trying to figure that out. We have our servers with a company now instead of maintaining our own so it's more difficult to trouble shoot. The very large video I posted took several hours to upload and then I wasn't really sure it was good so I uploaded it again.
But you have your inside look at the recently posted member's area material!
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you can see how fucking perfect the Brite Star story is. A beautiful face. A beautiful body. Two big beautiful tits! And as pure and innocent as a girl with a body built for sin can be. And she is utterly tormented by the cruel, immortal villain Lord Thöt! There are some extremely awesome extreme versions of many of those images. (members only) You'll also see six samples instead of four for the recent Night Angel installment. These ARE actually extreme versions because... it's the evil lady villainesses getting killed! I prefer large ugly monsters or ugly women to be the bad guys. The contrast between the superheroine and her foe is important for me. But when the bad girls are hot too? Well? They can die too! And Grunt! is a very powerful monster and is basically impossible to control. In a comic a superheroine is trapped in an area with him. That's the best way to use him. You never know when he'll pause killing and eating the superheroine and go after you! It's all awesome over there. Check it out!
And in the Superheroine Video Section. a video of stills?!! Meh! Who wants that? Download it and find out! We find out what happened to the first Scorpion and it gives us an idea what is likely to happen to the next! I think you'll enjoy it immensely! Plus you'll see the normal samples from the normal updates. Remember... the samples are smaller. Member's Area videos are the size of the Scorpion Prologue. 

Thanks a lot for stopping back in!

10/2/2015 Member's Area:
Well, that could have gone better (understatement). An unfortunate battle with old files to remaster the Scorpion in "The Nest!" videos for weekly updates was unreasonably cruel. Four Time Tunnels have been updated however with Night Angel, Brite Star, Butterscotch Fox, Scorpion, Violet Fox and many, many more.

Gigantic Free Area Update Saturday.

9/14/2015 Free Area:
FINALLY! I have so much to tell you about that I don't even know where to start. So I won't. Really. Too monumental. So basically, check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area and the Superheroine Video Section. If you like what you see and you want to see more... join!

There is a unique situation here though. Check out the Scorpion in "The Nest!" sample. You can watch it as a part of normal updates or you can buy the whole video. Up to you!

9/10/2015 Member's Area:
Here we go! Another double Time Tunnel Update! Night Angel! Butterscotch Fox! Brite Star! Scorpion!

I actually updated around 5:30am the next morning but I don't like today's date so I put it at 11:59 9/10. Ya feels me?

Crazy awesome free area update Friday night.

9/5/2015 General Info:
Hey Freebies. You guys have been out in the wilderness alone for a while here. Sorry about that. Something big came up. There will be a crazy big free area update for you this Friday.

8/30/2015 Member's Area:
Double Time Tunnel update in the Member's Area. Ms. Americana! Flag Girl! Brite Star! Solar Woman! Comet Girl! Galaxy Girl! Power Angel!

Free area update on Monday.

8/22/2015 Free Area:
Not as early as I wanted, (understatement) but here you go. In the Forbidden Zone Access Area DROOL! Brite Star's big perfect tits are the obvious target for a hungry Lord Thöt! Gorgeous images. When possible, I used comic book style poses. You know what I mean. Energetic. Overly expressive... GOLD! And Danny Ryan returns. These appear to be hand colored. I don't know how I reacted to that originally. They don't look better or worse. Just different. The delicious violence is there however, in all it's glory!
In the Superheroine Video Section Power Angel is being strangled to death! There are some great shots of her cunt as she's struggling. Even now... just didn't seem right to put it in the free area. I can be silly some times. Great for the Member's Area though!

Another good one!

8/21/2015 Free Area:
The free area update is postponed until tomorrow, Saturday. Earlier than later.

See you then.

8/20/2015 Member's Area:
Danny Ryan and a bevy of SHC superheroines! Brite Star & Thöt! Galaxy Girl, Power Angel & The Controller!

Power Angel's end is near! Stick around!

8/14/2015 Free Area:
This is one hell of a Time Tunnel update. In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see that there is a massive review of Brite Star's previous story. I had to jump to the Power Angel story before I wanted to because we couldn't get Penthouse Pet Dakotah Summers back to shoot the rest of Brite Star's story. So I took 110 images from the original story and retold it in the Member's Area. You could say only the best stuff but for every awesome image there are about 2 to 6 images that showed more of each scene. So, the original story was the best. This is the next best thing. Brite Star's story continues next week. Then there is the GAWD AWESOME Night Angel installment. Holy crap! I couldn't even show you the best stuff. The samples there are from the "Lite(ish)" version. In the extreme version there is literally blood, tears, slobber and cum actually. Yeah. The good stuff! So, even though I couldn't show the best images I did leave all the samples actual size instead of the smaller resized versions I usually post. Enjoy the DETAILS!
In the Superheroine Video Section we get something some guys LOVE! I love it too. The "Un-Masking" of Power Angel. She doesn't have an important alter ego like Night Angel but she is obviously ashamed to be seen without her mask while her big tits wobble from side to side and her cunt is on display. I edited it so there's more in the Member's Area if it's something you love. Remember... this is the  first time this movie has ever been seen at 640X480. (Originally 320X240).

Yeah. I'm proud of this one!

8/13/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel! Power Angel! Galaxy Girl! Brite Star!

Can't wait to tell you about it!

8/7/2015 Free Area:
Yes. It's exactly what you're thinking. "I'm missing out, aren't I?" Indeed. Although the material is being re-posted from years ago it still gets pulled down after 8 weeks. So that Power Angel picture story you've been drooling over? It has ended. If you join now you'll see from where she's first poisoned. So all the good stuff! See samples of that and Mr. X's awesome story in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.  
In the Superheroine Video Section well... Power Angel is being treated the way all super sluts should be treated when they're defeated!


8/6/2015 Member's Area:
Mr. X's Ms. Americana & Flag Girl! The conclusion of Power Angel's weekly story with The KREX! And the continued debasement of Power Angel by Galaxy Girl & The Controller!

Let's see if I can get the free area update up a little earlier this week.

8/1/2015 Free Area:
Whoops! Slipped past midnight there. But here you go! In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we see Power Angel acting DEPLORABLY! (If I understand what that word means.) But, in her defense, most superheroines lose control sexually when they are mistreated even without the mind control attack of something like a Krex. And... well... classics are classics for a reason. Silver Fox looks AMAZING fighting not only for her life but the lives of all the Foxes!
In the Superheroine Video Section it's just a gosh darn shame! The Controller will send photos and videos of Power Angel's last day to every news outlet she can. Just in time to announce her death!!

How exciting!

7/30/2015 Member's Area:
The Amazing Silver Fox! The Eternal Bindstra! And some chunks of Butterscotch Fox. Plus Power Angel! Galaxy Girl! The Controller! And THE KREX!

GLORIOUS Superheroine Peril!

7/24/2015 Free Area:
Chancellor Vayden, the Krex infiltrator is unwrapping her dinner in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. I can imagine we all drool a little bit when we see Power Angel splayed out like that. Meanwhile... UltraWoman & Brite Star will save the day in Danny Ryan's comic.
In the Superheroine Video Section YOU GET WHAT YOU CAME FOR!!! Power Angel looking fucking awesome as The Controller proceeds to destroy her!


7/23/2015 Member's Area:
Danny Ryan returns while adding UltraWoman & Brite Star to his stable of Fox characters. Plus Power Angel, The Krex, Galaxy Girl and The Controller!

Pro level comic book peril all around!

7/17/2015 Free Area:
Yay! The superheroine is winning! I wish we could have done more of that but nobody ever paid $20 a month to read a normal comic book. So, when possible, I would have a short stretch of the good girl winning the day. All of that made her eventual defeat that much more satisfying. See Night Angel kicking butt in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. You'll also see Power Angel succumb to the mind controlling power of The Krex. Don't worry. She didn't all of a sudden "slut up". The term "slut" means nothing when you hurl it at an actual slut. But it's devastating when it's used on a prim and proper good girl who is forced to act that way. Delightful!
In the Superheroine Video Section... oh no I didn't! Oh yes I did! Just as one of  Power Angel's plump tits is pulled from her top... END OF SAMPLE! Hee hee! C'mon. You have to understand that. I do want you to join after all. Don't forget, the member's videos are twice that size. Besides... very quickly... like next week... I will be unable to show any samples without lots of nudity. There are no scenes without it. I know you can see her tits in the sample images but there's nothing like video for that. Am I right?!

Great stuff. Do enjoy!

7/16/2015 Member's Area:
Oh Goody! Night Angel! Chaos! The Ice Princess! Grunt! Power Angel! Power Angel! (not a mistake) The Krex! Galaxy Girl! The Controller! <dramatic chord>

One superheroine is Up the other is Down!

7/10/2015 Free Area:
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area, while Violet Fox is being HORRIFICALLY abused, Emerald Fox is trying to "reactivate" Butter's mammaries. CRAZY! Butterscotch Fox regenerates but is told to fuck off due to the fact that she's monumentally incompetent. Courtesy of the great Nightwing316.
And then we have the two defeats of Power Angel. First, she is brought low by deceit and poison. The Krex are vile creatures. Even their sweat is poisonous. Power Angel is fed on so she can be slaughtered at the villain's leisure.
And then... in the Superheroine Video Section Power Angel is defeated by deceit and POWER! Galaxy Girl is stronger than most and with the leverage of an awkward pose she easily holds Power Angel so The Controller can commit her disgusting whims!

Thanks for moseying by! (I'll be damned. "Moseying" is in fact a word and I spelt it correctly.)

7/9/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch, Emerald & Violet Fox -vs- Fyre! Power Angel -vs- The Krex! And Power Angel -vs- Galaxy Girl?!!

Check it out in the free area tomorrow.

7/3/2015 Free Area:
To be honest... I was going to say "Behold the legend of DanO.. is born!" in the center graphic. But I realized just in time that it would be way too douchey. I don't mind saying it here though, obviously. I'm just really proud of how good the Butterscotch Fox, Silver Fox and Bindstra images turned out. Everything I wanted to capture, action wise, was almost perfect. A broken clock is correct twice a day... unless it's digital... then it's just broken. (I fully realize there are a million artists better than me... probably in this state alone.) But it was a high point for me. I just wish I could generate that much passion to put nice backgrounds in.
Check out my illustrative triumph in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. The samples are from the extreme version which is super rare if I ever did it before. I think you can handle it though. It's a pretty "lite" version of an "extreme" version. And of course you'll see Power Angel completely helpless, trapped in a room with a blood thirsty fiend with a mouth full of fangs! She wants to take a bite out of Power Angel and frankly... who can blame her?
In the Superheroine Video Section not a lot happens I'm afraid. Power Angel and Galaxy Girl are being posed by a creepy photographer. It's merely tension building at this point with the big payoff later. Doesn't make for a great sample though.

Carpe' Millennium!

7/2/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch Fox! Silver Fox! Bindstra! Galaxy Girl! Power Angel! The Controller! The Krex!

Truly... a time of plenty!

6/26/2015 Free Area:
Who the HELL do these artists think they are?!! They think they can just invent any "Fox" that they want and I'll be OK with it?!! Really?!! Well... they're right. I think it's cool, actually. The "Fox" universe was an interesting one to many artists. I was happy that they took to it so vigorously. Astral Fox being this week's example. See samples of her trying to save Butterscotch Fox in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. A rescue can be a  little difficult. Butter can be such a dunder head.  
In the Superheroine Video Section the trap is ready. Power Angel shows up for a simple photo shoot with a very odd photographer! Tanya did a great job. That's what I wanted. What do you do when you meet someone wearing a big creepy mask! Don't stare! Look awkwardly at her/it. Good stuff. But of course the REALLY good stuff is yet to come!


6/25/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch & Astral Fox! Power Angel & The Krex! Galaxy Girl, Power Angel & The Controller!

Too much Power Angel? What... are you fucking mental?!!

6/20/2015 Free Area:
Soooo... the "hell days" of Tucson's summer have begun. Cooling my computer room to a reasonable temperature in the afternoon has become impossible. All work must be done in the morning.
Night & Power Angel! Hot damn!!! Night Angel needed a "regeneration capsule from The Institute" to heal her injuries from fighting Chaos. Later it became more story friendly for the superheroines to regenerate on their own. As I've mentioned in the past, in most stories I want the superheroine destroyed and then brought back to full strength so we can enjoy her destruction another time. And this story gets even more awesome!
You're going to see "Tanya Danielle is fucking gorgeous." from me quite a bit. Mostly because it's true. Also because I was pretty fucking excited to get her to work with us. She is nice and very professional also, by the way. But the character she plays? That cow is gonna get what she deserves... believe it!
Go check out the samples of this top of the line peril in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.  
In the Superheroine Video Section we can feel sad for poor fat titted Galaxy Girl. Never mind Sapphire... she's toast! Ground beef! Just a voluptuous cog in The Controller's super slut destroying machine. Destroying a superheroine's body is one thing. Destroying her image, her mind, her soul! That takes talent!

Sorry for the delay! A lot of you joined last week. I really appreciate it. New updates will become more possible because of that. Thanks.

6/19/2015 Free Area:
The free area update is postponed. I'm aiming for Saturday before noon.

Sorry about that!

6/18/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel! Gamma Girl! Power Angel!

The amazing peril continues!

6/12/2015 Free Area:
Yes... Tanya Danielle is fucking gorgeous. Power Angel is one of my classic creations. That all white suit is begging to be covered in filth. I don't think we ever did that great but we did very good. I was delighted by what she did for us but I couldn't really put her through the ringer if you get my drift. What we ended up with you will fucking love of course. See the beautiful heroine walk into a deadly trap in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Her enemy here are "The Krex". I'll explain where they came from next week. You can also see the trouble Ms. Americana & Flag Girl are in thanks to Mr. X.
In the Superheroine Video Section we have the terrible test The Controller is performing. Once Galaxy Girl kills Sapphire then The Controller will be ready to kill the real target!
You may have noticed that cool stuff keeps getting posted in the member's area. "Oh... I like that... and that... oooh... I love that... and that." And as time goes by the awesome superheroine peril comes and goes. Jump in as soon as you can or you'll miss some jaw dropping material.


6/11/2015 Member's Area:
I had to get this update up early today because I'm replacing my cable modem. It should work fine when I plug it in but you never know! In this Time Tunnel update Mr. X's Ms. Americana & Flag Girl! Power Angel -vs- The KREX! And Galaxy Girl!

Get those movie samples freebies! Most will be removed tomorrow!

6/6/2015 Free Area:
OK! Fantastic stuff! As you can imagine I'm very proud of what we produced usually and this chunk of material is a great example of our superheroine peril excellence! Wow. Brite Star! In case you missed it in the past, that's Penthouse Pet Dakotah Summers. Perfect body. Did a great job acting too! She became our friend because she lived here locally. But you don't want to know how nice she is! You want to watch her life force spraying into the ether as Lord Thöt destroys the busty bitch! Take a gander in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. You'll also see samples of a pretty cool Butterscotch Fox installment and Danny Ryan's professional level superheroine pounding and humping! In the Superheroine Video Section we have perfection. Galaxy Girl has escaped The Controller's control so she sends in the X3 to beat Galaxy Girl until she's helpless and then re-installs the device. Did The Controller create the X3? Did Doctor Dearth? Someone else? We may never know. I of course left up the last free area update's movies since they were only up a few days and it would be very easy for you guys to miss them. As far as images, you know you can always click the "Past Updates" link at the bottom of the normal sample page to see previous updates that are still in the Zone... right? Yeah. You knew that.
Elucidate... to make more clear. Good word. Shares the same roots as lucid. Basically I like updating the center graphic before the rest of the free area because people tend to join between those two actions. I think I noticed it applying to me on other sites. I'd be waiting and think... "Fuck it, I'm just going to join." I'm a do unto others as you would have them do to you sort of fella and I never minded it so... there you go! Plus, the center graphic distills the best of an update into one little slide show that if used correctly can be very persuasive. 

Don't worry. I'm not turning this into a "Word of the Week" site. 

6/5/2015 Member's Area:
OK! I admit it! I'm an idiot. Are you HAPPY?!! I thought it was Wednesday all day yesterday. In my mind I did the last free area update on Monday but it was actually Tuesday so things got screwed up from there. ANY WHO! Butterscotch Fox in the Poll Driven Comic! Special Butterscotch Fox artwork from other artists! The conclusion to Brite Star in "Prey"! Over a hundred Brite Star raw images! And Galaxy Girl gets beaten into submission! Niiiiiiice.

My plan is to change the center graphic in the AM tomorrow and then do the free area update in the PM. I will elucidate that here when I do the free area update.

Elucidate... good word... read it... learn it... love it!

6/2/2015 Member's Area/Free Area:
"Finally!" indeed. The beautiful, busty super sluts have been enduring horrific humiliation and mind bending torment and for WHAT?!! It's pointless if you guys in the free areas don't see it. How else are you going to join and thus help pay for the Superheroine Retirement Home? Currently empty. Has always been empty and probably always will. Not a good life expectancy for these bovine bimbos. I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to post samples of the Assassin video serial. I had a few options and as you'll see I went with what would be a normal sample in the old days for each installment. So there have been five Time Tunnels since the show started but I only posted 4 because this last update is going to be in the free area this Friday so it's another double. Those samples are half sized. 320X240 -vs- 640X480. You will see how awesome the video serial is in the Superheroine Video Section. The material is so "perfect" for what we like that I got vapor lock trying to think of the best way to sample it. Not a normal problem for most people but when you're fucked up enough to become a decent artist and produce this awesome insanity you end up with problems most people don't have.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you will find samples of the image variety. Brite Star is gorgeous as she fights Lord Thöt in his vile dimension. Smashed, chewed on and more. A superheroine peril lover's wet dream. NIGHT ANGEL! The samples are from the "lite" version. The extreme version is one of the most extreme installments I've ever done. Stinger is torn to shreds and blood is EVERYWHERE! Night Angel regains herself when she hears sirens... looks down... and sees the butchered superheroine. CLASSIC!!! Plus Mr. X and Nightwing316!

Last week's Time Tunnel featured Danny Ryan's Fox story. And of course it has more Brite Star and Galaxy Girl. Samples of that and this Thursday's update will be on Friday... is the plan. I sure hate getting behind like this so hopefully that will spur me on to getting the free area done.

5/21/2015 Member's Area:
I don't like it just as much as you do. Every other week free area updates is terrible and I need to stop doing that. In any case, the material is out of this world and you will enjoy the samples when you finally see them. Member's? They get it all. THE DEATH OF STINGER!!! Brite Star & Lord Thöt! Galaxy Girl & The Controller!

My last double free area update by Crom! Tomorrow.

5/14/2015 Member's Area:
Mr. X's Ms. Americana! Nightwing316's Butterscotch Fox story! Brite Star & Lord Thöt! And the remastered Galaxy Girl in "Assassin!".

We should be cool for a free area update tomorrow.

5/11/2015 Free Area:
Verrrrry Innnnteresting. We just had Night Angel being mind controlled into attacking Stinger and now we have Galaxy Girl mind controlled into attacking Power Angel. So much for creativity!!! In reality though each story was probably created at least a year apart. Hey. I never said I was creative. I think you'll find I said I was sick fuck! Speaking of which, let's jump to the Forbidden Zone Access Area 
where we'll find Butterscotch Fox strangled while she's raped and then jerked off on by a demon. I know. Just like every superheroine comic book you ever read. Bindstra has discovered that killing Butterscotch isn't the end of her fun. She can destroy Butterscotch Fox for all eternity! An unlimited supply of "life energy"! Pretty cool. Plus we have that PERV Reno! Cool stuff! And Brite Star! Lot's of cool fighting between her and Lord Thöt but I made sure to give you samples of him crushing her in his mighty hand! Not very well executed but it definitely grabs her and us where we want it.

As I mentioned earlier I have been able to remaster the current video serial in the Forbidden Zone Time Tunnels. So they are not only quadruple sized but much less compressed and much clearer. YAYY! I'd do it with all of them if I could. I can't always find all of the raw parts. Also, I zoom in often. When it was small it looked great. Now that it's big the videos can look pixelly at times. Still miles better than the original videos. This is the first time anyone has seen this video at this quality besides me! So old collections from the site are still in the small, crushed format. In the Superheroine Video Section I have posted the full sized intro video (over 2 minutes). I also posted it in the small size in case you're in a hurry or on a phone or something. The small sized videos in the member's area are still highly compressed.

I will be able to post a damn good video sample next week as well!

5/8/2015 Member's Area:
Victory is Ours! I have located the original files and I have remastered the "Assassin" videos! No one but me has ever seen this story at such a great quality. Also Butterscotch Fox in the Poll Driven Comic! Brite Star & Lord Thöt!

Freebies! You WILL be happy with all the samples tomorrow. Finally I can give you a really good video sample. See you then!

4/30/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch Fox in Reno's "Pervatory!" Brite Star & Lord Thöt! And Galaxy Girl and The Controller with their very special victim!!!  

Here we go!

4/24/2015 Free Area:
We interrupt this superheroine story so that a mind controlled Night Angel can slaughter the superheroine that came to rescue her. Night Angel's superheroine story will continue after she butchers her friend Stinger. Yeah. It's that cool! This installment sets up the next. Stinger... I'm afraid... didn't make it. Lots of extreme editing in the next installment due to the fact Night Angel slices her into pieces. Great stuff. And Brite Star! The Old Hag's plan worked. Brite Star has been transported into Lord Thöt's Realm and she's at full power. If this sounds like a really really bad idea to you then you're not an idiot. Unlike beautiful busty Brite Boobs. Fighting pure evil in a realm he controls absolutely is the definition of "Bad Idea". Get glimpses of all this goodness in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. 

No new video samples. I need to put together a plan to let you know what's happening there. Probably screen grabs again but I'd love to find the original video pieces and re-master it. I'll see what I can do!

See you next week. 

4/23/2015 Member's Area:
Stinger returns in her quest to rescue Night Angel! Brite Star in Thöt's Realm! Galaxy Girl returns! And Brandy's big fat drool covered tits! 


4/17/2015 Free Area:
And NOW?!! ...yeah, nothing happens. Mr. X's story is just getting started. It's a bit of a slow boil but he gets to great stuff soon as you can imagine. BRITE STAR! I meant to explain what you're seeing there last week and didn't get around to it. The idea is; Lord Thöt's evil energy is so powerful that superheroines can't operate at full strength and thus are destroyed. So this old hag has distilled evil essence and she's forcing it onto and into Brite Star's source of power. Her fat tits! If she survives this she will be uniquely able to combat him and possibly be the superheroine to take him down. But the stuff is absolutely deadly. Fatally poisonous acid. She endures as much as she can and when she can't take anymore they force ten times that onto her tits until... dead... show's over... roll credits. Just kidding. The story continues next week.
Are you getting a little panicky? Maybe you've been around a while and you've figured out that the new material wipes out older material. And you see this crazy sexy story going on. Week after week you're imagining the beginning of the story getting wiped out. You want it all. What do you do?!! Yeah. That's by design. If you want the whole story you have to join and hang around for a while. Normally. Well, obviously the good shit is happing right now so... you know.
"STRIP BITCH! I HAVE A MAGIC GUN!!" Just for fun we did a couple "superheroines forced to strip at gun point" shorts. I know. Guns shouldn't really hurt them but... it's a magic gun... or maybe they're not bullet proof. Stuff like that. They both get topless but you know the drill. Only members see that if I can help it. This week I can. The Heat Wave one is twice as long as the Night Strike one. That's why there's more of hers. Next week a new video serial starts. If you haven't seen it before you'll be pretty excited. 

All the samples are in the Forbidden Zone Access Area this week.
See you around.

4/16/2015 Member's Area:
Mr. X's Ms. Americana and Flag Girl return! Brite Star! And Heat Wave & Night Strike! 

Cool Stuff!

4/13/2015 Free Area:
Here you go. All caught up. One of the first things I added to the member's area after I started the site was the "Weekly Story". A photo story that would continue every week. The idea being that if the other stories were at a kind of boring 'set up' stage there was a good chance something awesome was happening in the weekly story. Also... sometimes the main installment wasn't much good. Time Tunnel Six is a perfect example of that. Short on material I went with a story from one of our employees. Yikes. He wasn't really into what we're into and his abilities weren't quite professional. So... you know.  The other stuff is beyond awesome however and I'm thrilled for you to check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. 

The third and final review of Galaxy Girl in "Equalized" was posted in Time Tunnel Seven. Since you've been waiting so long I posted the first two in their entirety. I couldn't find the source materials to re-master the previews so they are in their original crushed bandwidth quality. So, if you MUST see the third one you'll have to join to see it. Next we have some short videos of superheroines forced to strip at gun point. (hee hee) And then we have the next Galaxy Girl video serial. That's why I needed to "review" the Equalized video so the next movie would make sense because it was a continuation.


4/9/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch Fox & Bindstra! Brite Star! Galaxy Girl! 

Sorry about that Freebies. Double free area update tomorrow and more info.

4/2/2015 Member's Area:
Fusion Fox, Brite Star & Galaxy Girl! 

Freebies tomorrow.

3/27/2015 Free Area:
Fooled ya a tiny bit with the center graphic. I made it look like the Ice Princess would kill Stinger but... SURPRISE!!! Night Angel will?!!! WOW! Good stuff. A few members would ask for a superheroine -vs- superheroine fight once in a while. This was my answer to that. I couldn't have them just fight over a disagreement. BORING! Chaos and the Ice Princess fuck Night Angel's brain with their powers. The cow IS going down by the way. No "she wins" "she loses" ending for Stinger. She is almost torn apart by the torture addled Night Angel! One of our goriest super slut killings. So... if you don't like something like that avert your eyes. She doesn't buy the farm in this installment though. The next one or two. And then there's ignorance addled Brite Star. She's told by the Hag that the source of her powers must be the property of the Hag for her to super charge those powers. No... not gem on her chest. That merely focuses the power her body generates. Brite Star's big delicious tits are the source of the bio energy! The next video to start will be a Galaxy Girl story. But it takes place after a special movie we shot that wasn't available at the time. So I needed to do a review of a movie no one had seen. I would like to re-render those at DVD size. If I can do that I'll give you guys the half sized videos in the free area. See the image samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. 

Thanks to all of you that wrote in with merchandise requests. Quite a few! None the same though which is kind of cool. So many great superheroine in peril stories to choose from. A new video serial looks like the way to go!

3/26/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel and Stinger! Brite Star and Galaxy Girl!

See you tomorrow.

3/20/2015 Free Area:
Mr. X was getting damn good by the time of the "Closed on Sundays!" story. In a lot of ways it looks like his current material. Over the years we've both gotten DARKER! hee hee   After you've created what you've always wanted to see you come up with new stuff you want. And it gets more... distilled.  Check out the samples of that story in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. You can also see Brite Star's body betray her as the Hag feeds on her "essence". Holy FUCK! It's volcanically hot shit!

A little bit of treading water while the next video in line was getting put together. We'll see what it is when it runs!

It's time for me to put together another product for the Superheroine Merchandise Section. I've gotten quite a few requests but it wouldn't hurt to get some more. Email what you'd love to see for sale from our old stories... sales@superheroinecentral.com!

3/19/2015 Member's Area:
Ms. Americana! Brite Star! Galaxy Girl! in Time Tunnel Four.

More info tomorrow!

3/14/2015 Free Area:
It took longer than I thought to pull samples from the two hundred plus screen grabs of "UltraWoman's Shame!" Why did I post screen grabs all those years ago? This was back in the dark ages and some people didn't have the bandwidth to download even the tiny movies. We got a lot of requests for screen grabs. It's a really good visual representation of what happens in the video however. If you join RIGHT NOW you can watch the video serial from the time the Mop Monster (Osmigon) first appears. (Time Tunnel Four) Remember! The videos themselves are half the size of those screen grabs. Someone, I don't know who, deleted the original files to save space. Wasn't that nice? Damn mother fucking cock suckers may they burn in hell! Nobody admitted it at the time and I'm guessing that's because my face was beet red when I found out. I rarely get mad. I save it for shit like that. See 37 of the screen grabs in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. There you'll also find samples of Brite Star paying the price for the old hag's assistance and Butterscotch Fox giving herself to Bindstra in a dimwitted attempt to save her fellow superheroines!

Explosive sexual gymnastics! I love when words paint a vibrant picture!

3/12/2015 Member's Area:
Ohhhh ho ho ho ho... what an update! A jarringly cool Butterscotch Fox poll driven comic. An old hag inflicts lezbo sex on a squirming Brite Star and out takes from UltraWoman plus a couple hundred screen grabs from the video. Not an exaggeration!

I think everything is cool now and the free area update should go on tomorrow with out a hitch.
Along that line, we have apparently caught up on all the emails so if you didn't hear back from us you might want to send it again.

See you tomorrow!

3/7/2015 Free Area:
Here you go! Caught up with everything except the movie. There was also another members update  featuring Nightwing316's Butterscotch Fox story "Playing With Fyre!"
We finally fixed an email server problem, we have all the emails and hope to finish handling them by Monday. So if you haven't gotten a response yet, that's why. Check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area! 

I'll talk to you again soon!

2/28/2015 Member's Area:
Wow, sorry freebies. You're next. But in the member's area; Dr. Evil's DynaDame, Stinger, BriteStar & UltraWoman.
We shot, it was cool. Shooting again this Wednesday.

Monday should be freebie day.

2/14/2015 Member's Area:
Happy Valentine's Day? Doesn't really fit here does it? Some real world problems made this late and I'm going to push the free area update to next week.
In the member's area we have an American Fox focused PDC! Plus Brite Star & UltraWoman!

Shooting Wednesday. Wish us luck!

2/7/2015 Free Area:
Here you go. Sorry it wasn't up yesterday. Good stuff! But I'm obviously in a rush so just go check out the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. And if you're new here... (hey, it still happens) there's video samples in the Superheroine Video Section
This slight flurry of activity by me has generated more members and quite a few purchases. Thanks guys! We're actually shooting a video short on the 18th so your interest has not gone in vain!

Thanks again.

2/5/2015 Member's Area:
Nightwing316's Solar Woman & Comet Girl! Brite Star! UltraWoman!
I slew a mighty financial dragon this week. ("Slayed" isn't a word apparently.) Very helpful.

Free Area update tomorrow!

1/31/2015 Free Area:
One benefit of creating a comic book universe is once you've invented a character they become a real entity in the world. Butterscotch Fox, UltraWoman, Mighty Girl... OGMIDON! An inter-dimensional god that controls matter to feed on the beings of our world. In this case though, everyone just calls him THE MOP MONSTER!!! Hee hee! Funny.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you will see samples of extremely cool stuff. Brite Star is really in trouble! Bob... or "Bawb" as he spells it, is not only extremely strong. His body emits a dampening field that saps her power the longer she tussles with him! The longer the fight goes on, the more likely she will be destroyed. Cool! And Night Angel is unmasked!!! That's a bid deal for some of you. There are very real consequences to it too! And, speaking of characters becoming real entities... Danny Ryan included UltraWoman and Brite Star into his story because he liked the characters so much. Double cool! In the Superheroine Video Section I added a decently long sample video of UltraWoman versus Ogmi... The Mop Monster! As I described it at the time "We have officially risen to the level of the worst Dr. Who episode you've ever seen!" Pretty big deal at the time because there wasn't a lot of video editing tools way back then.

I forgot a bunch of stuff recently. I forgot to add more samples from the Eternal Gallery and I forgot to have my IT guy turn on the purchase function for Thrust Girl in the Forbidden Zone. So since I haven't done that, lets add another week of Thrust Girl free for members. If for no other reason than to see her tits get mauled on the main page!

I've been working on new stuff. Wish us well!

1/30/2015 Member's Area:
Night Angel! Stinger! Brite Star! UltraWoman!
I spent the week moving office stuff among other things. Freebies got screwed!!! I'm hoping to post a great free area update tomorrow!

1/22/2015 Member's Area:
Danny Ryan's Violet Fox story! Busty BriteStar! Uncanny UltraWoman!

Free & Member's Area Store:
Everything appears to be working. Some pages might have a "CD" version available. That's not true and will be fixed later. The "shopping cart" functionality still doesn't work however so each item needs to be purchased separately. Free access to the Thrust Girl video for members isn't working so I will be making it available to all members tomorrow for a week. Sorry for all the hassle. Trust me, it's a nightmare for a merchant to have customers that want to buy his stuff but you can't get the door to the fucking store open!

Free area samples and probably more info if I can think of it tomorrow!

1/16/2015 Free Area:
I used way too many exclamation points and capital letters in the center graphic this week... but hey, is there a better situation for that than comic book heroines in DIRE PERIL?!!! No... no there isn't.
I'm going to let the standard samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area speak for themselves which leaves the eternal gallery samples and the video sample in the Superheroine Video Section. I gave you the smallest of every desktop image in the gallery. They increase in size to 1600X1200 (My "pro" screen resolution at the time.) I haven't made any more since we were forced into the wide screen monitors we have today. I'd like to though! And they would go into the Eternal Gallery Desktop area. So all of those are probably the wrong aspect ratio for your screen. Just have it stretch. They still look awesome.
"Heavy is the chest of NightWatch!" Because she's trapped by the Trophy Hunter? Because of the responsibilities of protecting the whole world? Nah. 'Cause she's got huge tits! And they look fucking fantastic don't they? It was sort of a test shoot. You see just about everything that happens in the sample. There's just more of every scene that might be grabbing your fancy.
Thanks for your patience while we work out the problems of the Superheroine Merchandise Store. As I mention, the Mighty Girl comic is fine. Everything else appears broken. I will DEFINITELY let you know when it's all fixed. I am NOT in a position to turn down anyone's money fer cripes sake!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm guessing you're glad you did. 

1/15/2015 Member's Area:
An insanely good time tunnel update. Butterscotch Fox poll driven comic. Two Smudge stories. Brite Star. UltraWoman.

An insanely good free area update is in store for tomorrow. Samples of that stuff plus a 3 minute sample video of NightWatch as the prey for the Trophy Hunter which is in the eternal gallery of the member's area.

As the front page note states, buying the Mighty Girl comic works fine. Everything else doesn't work. We didn't realize the problem was so pronounced. I've already extended the memberships of those that joined for that sweet, sweet membership discount. Email us if you're in the same situation. I am definitely NOT in a position to turn away ANYONE that wants to spend money here and that's an understatement. Thanks to those of you that emailed about the problem.

1/10/2015 Free Area:
"Let's not get carried away here." That's what I thought as my videos were rendering and I was pulling samples from Power Angel's awesome story. So I'm going to put samples of the "Eternal Gallery" in the free area over the next few weeks. This week, that ball shatteringly sexy Power Angel being taken out by a "Krex". Next week I'll have a pretty amazing sample of the Trophy Hunter short featuring NightWatch. She... wow... she really does the cow thing good! Big udders wobbling around. You'll love it. And as is the point, anytime you join the member's area you get these special things. So if you want to buy Mighty Girl's story and access to the Zone for the same price as the story alone, you'll see it's worth it. See Power Angel's huge glistening tits in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.

There you'll also see Brite Star is seeking the aid of a grotesque hag in her hunt for the ultimate evil. Well... that's her plan anyway. And Reno's awesome artwork of Butterscotch Fox in "Pervatory".

Things are starting to spin up a bit. Hmmmmm. 

1/9/2015 Free Area:
I'm postponing the free area update! An important meeting came up. I could have thrown it together quickly but I made the comment that I wanted to post samples of some of the extra material in the Forbidden Zone that most people don't know about. So it's a Saturday work day for me where I'll be happy to hook you up.

See you then.

1/8/2015 Member's Area:
Butterscotch Fox in Pervatory by Reno! Brite Star is... THE PREY! And UltraWoman in "UltraWoman's Shame!"

Special free area update tomorrow. I've never put samples up of all the material in the "Eternal Gallery" in the member's area. Lots of cool stuff that is always in there. So there will be an enormous amount of samples and well worth stopping by!

1/5/2015 Mighty Girl Comic for Sale:
What an enormous task! This story deserved the very best. The best banner. The best "for sale" page. And when you purchase and get into the comic it deserved the best menus and such. So from top to bottom this comic reflects the greatness of The Magnificent Mighty Girl and her outrageous peril, incredible demise, mesmerizing afterlife and rebirth. Epic doesn't begin to describe it! It's set up so you can go from page 1 to 76 in giant size, both lite and extreme. Plus the smaller sizes are in there and the artwork stages from my humble sketches to the glorious full color pages.

As always, plenty of cool samples even if you don't want to purchase. Only $20 for members.

Check it out!

1/2/2015 Free Area:
Time to clear out this rat's nest of a "What's New" page. I hope all of you have a great new year. But more importantly, I hope I HAVE A GREAT new year. So back to you having a great new year; You have some great samples of EXTREME superheroine peril! I'm not feeling like chatty Kathy today so just go check out the Forbidden Zone Access Area.

It is my intention to finally get Mighty Girl's comic up for sale tomorrow. There will be lots of kick ass sample images so you'll want to stop by for that too! 


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