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"Aluminum?" - "SHUT UP!"
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Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

3/17/2018 We've experienced a problem with our credit card processing company.
It's impossible to join at this time so please don't waste your time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
3/16/2018 Free Area:
THESE PIPES ARE CLEAN! - (That's a "Cabin Boy" reference I don't expect any of you to get.)

I am FINALLY all caught up with the free area updates! (smattering of applause) Everything you see in the free area as samples in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area (Including what's in the two "Past" pages) and the Superheroine Video area is still in the Forbidden Zone! And I am fucking spent. 

I have SOOOOO much to tell you about but I'm out for this evening. I'll come back in and do a thorough explanation for those that like that sort of thing tomorrow.

3/15/2018 Member's Area:
Hooray! It's UltraGirl week! In more ways than one. Sector Five has been updated with UltraGirl in "Beg for DEATH!". UltraGirl's cape is removed so she can't fly anymore even if she regains her motor functions. No big deal, right? HAAA! You'll see.

Tomorrow 4 sample images of that. AND six new minute long samples of the live action "UltraGirl Trap!". Plus I put together a sample a little over a minute long of the 4 minute Poser created animation. Doesn't sound like much? Again. You'll see.  

And I'll see you tomorrow.

3/10/2018 Free Area:
All done for this week! Next week I'll add all the UltraGirl Trap! video samples. Then I'll be all caught up. Starting from then I will leave all these free samples up for two additional months and I'll leave all the back installments in the member's area. It's the least I could do since the site was dormant for so long. People stop checking out the site eventually. Now, if they stop by in these two months "HOLY SHIT!" SHC is rolling again! And they won't miss out on anything.

For obvious reasons I left older material in the member's area. That way members would get vast chunks of stories if not full stories. After that I'll go back to being an asshole and the material will rotate out after 8 installments.

Let's start with the Superheroine Video sample area:
As I mention there, I stopped at the end of The Nest III. You've seen some of these videos already but to ensure you knew for a fact what you'd get if you join, I created new, longer than usual samples for all the installments. Sixteen of them. It took quite a while. I also added the full "They Lose" ending. It's very short. Why not? It's also pretty cool. Typical horror movie ending. Fun!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area:
I'll begin with this week's Time Tunnel update. Jadira! Not a great story. It's 11 pages long though. D.Praved does a good job with the Poser images but it's not a normal SHC superheroine in peril story. Gotta be honest! At this point in the past we started featuring more hired artists. Few were up to my standards like Mr. X and Nightwing316 are.
The Fusion in "MIND FUCK!" story begins! Now THIS IS great stuff. Fusion is one of the more powerful superheroines. Therefore, the foes that want to destroy her must think outside the box. Fusion is cute as hell and has nice fat tits! Can't beat that.
We also start a short, one off, story featuring Penthouse Pet Martina Warren as the new Brite Star! It's a pretty tepid story that I believe lasts a few weeks. She doesn't have the Chestal Real Estate I (we) like but she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
So that's it for this week's update. I'll leave comment on the awesome UltraGirl Trap! until next week.

I did add other material in the Forbidden Zone. I went back and reposted all the Sector updates with the new American Fox and UltraGirl material. So if you like those stories (I think they look fantastic! But, I'm biased. I'm right. But I am also biased.). Poser improved with dynamic cloth and I got better at using it. These are the kinds of computer generated images I always hoped I could make. So, since all this material is in the member's area I decided to split the Time Tunnel samples and the Sector samples.

So if there's something in the back samples and the video samples you love and want to see more of... you can join and get it all! You can cancel anytime, automatically at the SHC HELPDESK. You will still get all the access you paid for.

I just remembered I forgot to do a sample video of the animated UltraGirl video. It will have to be posted next week with the live action UltraGirl video samples. I'm done for this week! Please enjoy!

3/9/2018 Free Area:
I'm not going to be able to finish the video sample update tonight. Therefore I updated the image samples and I'll be back tomorrow morning. Really close.

I will explain the image updates tomorrow as well.

In the Forbidden Zone entry area I've posted the images from this week's update.
For ALL the samples you need to click on the two PAST MATERIAL pages at the bottom.
Everything available in the member's area is sampled. HUGE pages. They may take a while to load.

Join Away! If you love what you see you can join and cancel anytime, automatically at the SHC HELPDESK. You will still get the access you paid for.

I've reread this posting about 15 times now and I keep finding mistakes. Time to sleep.

3/8/2018 Member's Area:
Nope! I had that backwards last week. I am supposed to update the center graphic on Thursday. It's what gets freebies in a frenzy and makes them join even before the samples are up. So how do I keep from spoiling big reveals for the members when they see it? I guess it doesn't come up that often. Last week was a special case. Anywho...

In the member's area I posted Time Tunnel Seven. An 11 page story of Jadira. The new Brite Star! One of the best video installments EVER of UltraGirl's final moments in "The UltraGirl Trap!".
Plus the delicious tits of Fusion in "Mind FUCK!". Funny. When I was putting the center graphic together I considered calling her a cow right off the bat. Seemed a bit too rude. Then I laughed. Being too rude is what this site is all about! It's not about how we should treat women in real life. It's about how we treat fat uddered super cows in our fantasy world! Fuck that stupid cow! That slut is going to get it GOOD! Believe me!

Now I'll spend today and tomorrow trying to sort out all the video samples you guys are going to get. Should be extremely awesome. It's going to take so much thought and attention to detail that I'm going to postpone the "Super Slut in Peril A Day" updates till next week. I want them at least all picked out before I start. I'd like to have the correct descriptions done too. But that's my problem. It will be a mixture of classic images not seen in many years and new Poser material never before seen.

Wow. Too much typing/reading for the Member's Area update.

3/4/2018 Free Area:
The new helpdesk system is activated. You can join and cancel all on your own. You can also ask questions by creating a ticket. If you like what you see in the free area then joining is for you.
The "Contact" links throughout the site will take you to the link to the helpdesk.

Here's the HELPDESK link also

3/2/2018 Free Area:
DO NOT JOIN YET. We can't be 100% sure we'd get your email if you tried to cancel or had a problem. We hope to have an automated helpdesk running this weekend. I'll post a message when it's OK to join.

MASSIVE free area update but I'm not done yet. Figuring out what needed to be posted and then doing it took all day. In the member's area I (appropriately) over compensated because I wanted to make sure if you saw a sample in the free area it was available in the member's area. So past material is still available in the Forbidden Zone with no samples out here. I will add those samples next week. All this back material will be available for two months while people begin entering the zone again.

I also didn't have time to put together the video samples. Those will be straightened out next week too. I will also start my "Superheroine in Peril of the Day" postings. A reason for you stop by every day and get a new image. That will proceed for two months as well.

Check them out.
I put descriptive text on each item so this didn't get too long and you didn't have to go back and forth to figure out what's happening.

3/1/2018 Member's Area:
OK! The crazy huge free area update happens tomorrow. American Fox has been updated in Sector 4 of the Member's Area. 

The center graphic gives away what happens in the story and I was concerned it would ruin it for members but then I remembered I always replace the center graphic on Friday during the free area update. This gives members a day to enjoy the story without it being spoiled.

2/22/2018 FUUUUUUUCK!!!

I decided to post that cool UltraGirl animated GIF last week and forgot to upload the actual image. I'm a little rusty. It's there now! Sorry.

2/22/2018 Member's Area:
Oh, boy. Very soon. Next week I'll post an enormous free area update. A week after that I will begin my "A Superheroine In Peril A Day!" plan. One sexy image posted in the free area a day to give people a reason to stop by again. Images will be from the past, present and future of the site.

In the meantime Time Tunnel Six has been posted. Power Angel by Danny Ryan! The UltraGirl Trap is sprung! And the bait story continues with the X3 viciously torturing the defeated UltraGirl!

2/15/2018 Member's Area:
More trouble for everyone's favorite super girl! UltraGirl fights for her life against the monstrous Shrage Red and his devastating STUN technology. 

Still no free update but I thought I'd do something fun. Here's the whole installment in a quick running gif so you get the feel of the whole thing without really understanding what the hell is going on. The images are zoomed in a bit. A version of the story members can see.

Don't join yet, however. We feel the email system will be completely corrected in a week or so. Everything you've been seeing on the site will be in the member's area when you finally get in there.

2/8/2018 Member's Area:
The major thing of course is the remastered installment of Tabitha Mountmoore in "The UltraGirl Trap!" Plus Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl in "The Box!" A very Spunk!-centric installment. And UltraGirl is getting beaten like a two dollar whore in "BAIT!"

Two more updates and I'll begin updating the free area again. I want to ensure everything is running smoothly before I ask people to stop by regularly for free samples. My goal is to have a free image a day for two months to make it worth everybody's time. Should be fun and I won't start it unless I have all the images picked out and ready to go.

1/27/2018 Member's Area:
Going to try and update for a while here. First off, a 30 image desktop package. Intended for Windows 7+ (I believe.) Download to a directory and point your desktop to them for a slide show. Starting slow. Going to try and update for a few weeks in a row. Then I'll update the free area. The goal is to have a new sample image every day for a month or two to make it worthwhile for folks to stop by again.


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