The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Seven


Chapter 7

            Life has no way of repaying Jennifer Alaina Spears Flurry, wife to Mr. Magnificent, she concluded. Ironic, how she thought she might die at the funeral of one of her best friends. She held onto Boom girl with all her might, until Ebony Ranger flew out the door. Then she let go.

            “AAAA!” Boom girl screamed.

            Mrs. Flurry, hand reached out, screamed in reply as she saw Boom Girl dragged through the destroyed door. A sharp pain pierced Mrs. Flurry’s shoulder, and she screamed. Her body then dragged forward from the piercing in her arm. Too painful, she fought to open her eyes only to see a metallic spike through her shoulder. The spike dragged her forward more, then lifting her up.

“Cassius! Help!” She said.

She wanted so much to see her brother, and where he was. But the pain prevented her from twisting her head. She forced her eyes open one more time, only to come inches away from the enormous baldhead of Omni Supreme.

“Well, well, said the spider’s master to my prey,” Omni Supreme said.

Mrs. Flurry spit out a wad of blood from her mouth, hitting Omni Supreme on the cheek. The wad of blood seemed like a teardrop to his enormous size. He reached up a metallic finger and wiped the blood off. With one swipe of his gigantic right hand, he ripped the front of her dress open, spilling out her large breasts.

“Bastard!” she said.

Then he placed his large hand around her waist, and he squeezed.


“I’ll kill you in the next life too, Mrs. Flurry!” A shrill wrecking shriek echoed as Omni Supreme finished his sentence, and he looked up, “Oh no! Priss!”

Omni Supreme yanked Mrs. Flurry off the spike, tossing her back. She crashed into the wall, unconscious.

            Boom Girl doubted becoming a superheroine ever since hell broke out in the church. Ebony Ranger flew overhead, and then Mrs. Flurry lost her grip. Mrs. Flurry stared blankly, almost motioning her lips, “I’m sorry.” Also, Boom Girl secretly wished she showed up for those martial arts classes, paid for by her mother. Her mother, she thought, and a tear streamed down her cheek. She accepted Merganda as her new mother, and everything had seemed so much better. But she realized, at that moment, she wanted to see her real mother; and the thought brought too much pain to her. She had to oppress it.

            “Get you’re hands off me!” She cried to the soldier dragging her.

            A loud shriek echoed in the distance. Boom girl wanted so much to think that wasn’t Mrs. Flurry or Ebony. The soldier continued to drag her until an explosion of bricks flew all over them. Omni Supreme crashed through the wall in front of Boom Girl; and for a second, she thought he was going to step on her as he leapt over her. The soldier dropped her, so she grabbed a brick. She smashed the brick against the soldiers head, and he fell limply to the ground.

            Now to turn the tide, she thought. She grabbed the soldiers rifle.

            For the first time, she got a glance at the warzone outside the church. Directly in front of Boom girl, dozens of police lay dead and their cars were shot up so much they resembled swiss cheese. To her left and right, soldiers hid behind downed aircraft and destroyed tanks, using each as barricades to avoid gunfire. She could see red tracer rounds fly over her head and occasionally each side would fire a rocket at the other. Crawling toward Cassius’s side may be more dangerous than going back in the church, but anything is better than going back in there. She thought about hiding under one of the police cars but she remembered Mrs. Flurry was still in the church. She had to go back in, but she couldn’t.

            Though, she had a weapon now. She turned back toward the church, crawling toward the much larger opening. Carrying the rifle in the crawl proved to be more difficult than she thought, but she forced that thought out of her mind.

            She reached the inside of the church. To her dismay, she saw no one, no Mrs. Flurry, no spider, and no Cassius. On no, she thought. She had been to late, and now she was all alone. A feeling she had never wanted to ever feel, and the reason why she had wanted to team up with Mrs. Flurry.

            She forced her hands together, and prayed.


            An explosion sounded behind her, and all of a sudden the ground fell underneath her. She screamed as she dropped. Rubble scraping her cheeks, destroying her nylons and she lost her shoes. Then she splashed into a pool of slimy water. She coughed and struggled to push herself out of the water. Then her head broke the surface. A sewer tunnel lay before her.

            “Thank you, god,” she said.

            “What the hell is going on out there!”

            “A corporate war, Mr. President.”

            “Across the nation? Thirty battles in twenty states in the last six hours, how the hell did the Homeland Security not figure this out?”

            “Mr. President, seems as though the corporations are working beyond the extent of our government. We’ve even tried freezing both their assets and we’ve failed.”

            The president paced in circles before a room with a male general, female general, his adviser and a very beautiful intern.

            The president said, “Ok, General Clarke, what should we do.”

            The female general stepped in front of the male general just before he said something and she said, “Mr. President, I believe these attacks are centered around capturing superheroes and superheroines. Though, I can only confirm half of them,”

            The male general cut her off, “Yes, but we have no idea who these superheroes are, so we should react militarily to the corporation headquarters.”

            The female general replied, “But, if we have no idea how to freeze both corporations assets, who knows what other surprises may be in store for an assault on their HQs! We need to react to military clashs by first suppressing their military, and then we can attack their HQs.”

            “If I may sir,” The beautiful intern raised her hand.

            “You may, Margarett,” the president said.

            “Sir, we may save the lives of our own military by waiting it out and letting both sides annihilate themselves.”

            “I like that! But we need some cover for the public to let them know we are doing something,” The adviser said.

            “Hmmm,” the president added, “Hmmm.”

            “Well, well, well. Are we awake this morn, my deliciously black beauty,” a voice said.

            Ebony Ranger opened her eyes to a blurry vision of a man in a suit. As her vision cleared, she saw blonde hair and a handsome face. Her head stirred with tiredness but she couldn’t seem to move. She looked up to her wrists, binded they had been.

            “What, who?” Ebony Ranger said.

            “All in a matter of timely hours, everything will be explained. Allow myself to be introduced. I am Roy Alex Samondy, Owner, Sole-chairman and CEO of Dynatech,” he said.

            “Dy who whatchacall tech?” Ebony Ranger said.

            “Hmmm, yes, well. In case you already noticed. Superheroes and heroines every where are being captured,” he said.

            “And you’re behind it,” Ebony Ranger said.

            “Not quite, my employees were supposed to capture a blonde woman at that funeral. Unfortunately, your captor is color blind. So here you are, my guest, Ebony Ranger.”

            Ebony Ranger rolled her eyes, “Are you from Planet Manna or something?”

            Roy gave her a puzzled look, “No, why?”

            “Oh, no reason, all guests on that planet are tied up and introduced to the leader.”

            “Hmmm, I see. What can you tell me about the universe?”

            “Well, its dark like my skin, it has billions of planets…”

            “NO! That was not what I wanted to know!” he said.

            “Um, isn’t that what you asked?”

            “Oh, I see, this is a mind game is it. Then we’ll see what kind of torture you can stand before you tell me everything I want to know!”

            He pushed a button and metal clanging and gears echoed behind the wall. Like breaking in two, the wall split in half. As the sides moved away, metal contraptions of various prickly degrees urged forward.

            “First, lets do away with this clothing,” he said.

            Roy walked toward her.

            “What do you want with my clothes? They are not as fitting as my ranger outfit, and they probably won’t serve you any purpose, considering you are more bulkier than me,” she said.

            She watched as pulled out a knife. He slipped the knife at the hem of her black dress, making a cut.

            “Hey now, this dress was very expensive, and it’s a rental!” she said.

            He smiled, grabbing the dress. He ripped it upward, revealing her perfect ebony legs.

            “Ok, you’re going to have to pay for this dress!” she said.

            “God damn, you have an annoying voice, 321 gag her,” he said.

            Bells and whistles sounded from the machine. A metal box slid toward her head. The front of the box opened up. A red ball appeared from the opening, sliding toward her with a metal arm behind it. She sighed.

            “First you want me to say something, then you,” she said as the ball muffled the rest of her speech.

            “Not while I undress you. That is very unstimulating. Besides, I’ve always wanted to see what a black woman looked like naked,” he said.

            He returned to tearing her dress upward, all the way to her waist band. Then her slid the knife under, cutting the waist band up. He finished the tear all the way up to her top, opening up the front of her dress to reveal a white lacy bra and panties.

            “My, my. Thong white panties. I’m surprised. If you’re black, wouldn’t you wear black?”

            She rolled her eyes, watching him smile at her half naked body. He then cupped her breasts with his two hands and massaged them. Tingling sensations shot through her mind. He stopped, but she didn’t want him to stop.

            “Scared yet?” he said.

            She shook her head, and he frowned.

            “God damn! Any other woman would be crying by now for me to stop!”

            He grabbed a hold of her bra with one hand and her panties with the other. With one furious twirl, he ripped them both off. She squealed. He through her panties down and he fixed his hair back to its present style. Her c-cupped breasts poised at attention with dark nipples hard from the excitement he just gave her, and a black patch of curly hair covered her pussy.

            “Take the gag out, 321,” he said, and the machine complied.

            “You are definitely from Planet Manna, they did the same thing to me there,” she said.

            “Why aren’t you mad at me stripping you?” he said.

            “Should I be?” she said.

“Then how come you squealed?” he said.

            “Well, ripping my bra and panties off shocked me a little. Honestly, it was a little unexpected,” she said.

            “How’s this for unexpected!” Roy said, throwing his fingers up into her black, hairy pussy.

            “AAA! Wow! What a sensation!” She said.

            He took his fingers out.

            “Oh no, please. Put them back in, put them back in! I’ve never felt that before!” she said.

            “No, this is insane. How can I torture you if you’re like this. Then again, I haven’t tortured you yet.” He said, “321, hook up electrodes to her nipples and labia.”

            4 arms extended out the machine with wires attached. They hooked a clip to each nipple, then grabbed each side of her pussy. The last clips fastened tightly. She laughed.

            “That kind of tickled,” she said.

            “321, begin shock level 1,” he said.

            Immediately, her eyes rolled back in her head, as she spasmed. Sweat beaded out of her skin, glistening her body with a fine sheath of wetness. She moaned and cried out.

            “321, stop,” he said, “How’s that, my dear.”

            She lifted her head up, half dazed.

            “I didn’t know such things could be felt!” she said.

            “So you’ll answer my first question?” he said.

            “Well, if you could tell that little robotic thing to turn back on, I might consider answering anything you want.”

            “What!” he said.

            “Oh please, you didn’t even let it last that long,” she said, “Just turn it back on please, it felt so good!”

            “You’ve got to be fooling me, I just sent 50 volts straight into your twat!” he said.

            “50 volts? Is that all, It felt like I put a d-volt on my tongue,” she said.

            Roy stammered off, kicking at the floor madly and ruining his blonde hair style. He turned and he looked at her. Then he ran up to her pointing his finger at her.

            “I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to trick me. Well, if 50 isn’t good enough, lets try 100! 321 shock level 2!” he said.

            She spasmed again, harder, and the sweat trailed more off her body. The rest of her torn clothing became doused in it, as it sagged off her arms and back. She screamed. What troubled Roy the most was, that she had a slight smile on her lips.

            “Shock level 3!”

            “OH YESSS!!!!”

            “Shock level 4 then!”


            “Shock level 5!”


            “321, stop!”

            She stopped spasming and her body and head fell limp. Panting, she managed to whisper something.

            “Why, did, you, stop?” she said.

            Officially pissed off now, he grabbed her face.

            “Quit playing with me! If sexual torture won’t work. I’ll just have to try real torture.! 321, whip her.”

            A whip sprung out, lashing Roy’s backside.

            “Owe, Goddammit!” He said, running away.

            The machine recoiled and whipped her stomach, leaving a red mark. She didn’t move, but she grunted slightly as it whipped her. He stood proud, watching her naked body finally taking a beating.

            “You see, I have ways of making you talk!”

            She whispered through her tired breath, “You, kidding, me?”

            His eyes got wide.

            She said, “I haven’t felt pain like this since I was four.”

            “Ah Ha! So you this does hurt!” he said.

            “Sort of,” she said.

            “What do you mean sort of!” he said, “321, stop!”

            She lifted her head, “Ranger trials start at age three through eighteent, and the pain gets worse from each trial until I graduate. If you really want to make me scream, you’ll have to shoot me with an excruciation beam of one hunred metawetavolts,” she said.

            Roy turned around and he pulled his hair out. Then he walked over to his chair, slouching down in it.

            “I can’t believe this,” Roy said, “I can’t hurt her.”

            “I’ve already told you, I’ll say anything you want if you turn on those wire things hooked up to down area.”

            “You dumb bitch!” Roy said.

            He jumped up and he ran toward her. With the knife he stabbed her in the chest. The knife rose and fell a dozen times, making deep wounds in her chest. He looked at her lifeless face as the black color slowly faded into whitish color.

            “Something terrible has happened,” Mrs. Flurry said.

            “Zombies are rising out of the ground!” Sci-fi said.

            Mrs. Flurry gave Cassius’s wife a worried look. Dressed in a white labcoat, buttoned to the top, Sci-fi punched a couple of buttons. In front of Mrs. Flurry, a screen popped up, showing locations of zombie outbreaks. Sci-fi studied the screen through her spectacles, then she scratched her blonde head. She pulled out the tie of her ponytail, letting her blonde hair fall in straight strands. Cassius entered the room from a door behind them.

            “Dynatech’s military attack left their’s and my military slightly depleted. We’re doing what we can to secure the skyscraper from any zombie outbreak here,” Cassius said.

            Mrs. Flurry turned to Cassius, “Scourge is responsible for this. Have you found any research on how his powers work, Sci-fi.”

            “Nothing, our computer system only covers threats on this planet. However, I do have some disturbing news for you. The zombies rape,” Sci-fi said.

            “That’s worse than death,” Mrs. Flurry said.

            “Well, that’s the worse part. They do kill, but they seem to have no capability of turning another person into a zombie, unlike the Night of the Living Dead movies.”

            “Is there any reports on how to kill the zombies? Like a bullet to the head.”

            “No, they seem unstoppable. The only way that seems possible is stop Scourge.” Sci-fi said.

            Cassius shook his dark hair, “Which is impossible without any information on him.”

            A rumbling shook the room. Sci-fi, Cassius, and Mrs. Flurry stumbled until they found a holding on a desk. A large gaseous form appeared behind them, taking shape with green scales. The walls broke as legs, wings and arms appeared. And before the three of them, a large western dragon head with eastern dragon horns appeared.

            “Don’t be afraid. I am Zanzabar, leader of Draconia. Sworn enemy of Scourge and the Netherworld,” he said.

            They stood and they stared at the dragon.

            “Now I’ve seen everything. Sci-fi said.

            “He he, not quite, No one but Merganda has laid eyes on Draconia,” Zanzabar said, “But with more important affairs. Merganda is alive, barely. The longer she remains in the Netherworld, the less I can control my barrier on her.”

            “But how can we save her. The Netherworld is almost impossible to voluntarily travel to, and Scourge is invincible beyond our knowledge,” Cassius said.

            “Aye, he has figured a way out to create a universe where he’s immortal, but I’ve figured out that he’s as mortal as you, through different means,” Zanzabar said.

            He blew some fire in front of them that seemed to dance magically. The fire took shape of a mini-scourge and little fires took shape of people.

            “You see, his power resides in the dead people from this world,” Zanzabar said, “But to understand that, you all need to learn about how the universe works.”

            The fire gathered and turned into three balls.

            “This one represents heaven, this one represents hell, this one represents Netherworld.”

            The fire gathered into one ball.

            “Now instead of being three different spheres of universe, they all are the same universe, only in three different dimensions. Now, the one planet that connects all these planes together is Earth. This is where you’re superpowers come from, Mrs. Flurry.”

            “I don’t understand, Zanzabar,” Mrs. Flurry said.

            “Solely because Earth is the natural connection to all three planes, mystic powers dwell here, sometimes infusing themselves with children born here. Now this is the important part. Every now and then, the Universe has a wash cycle, much similar to the Big Bang theory. It destroys everything and begins a new universe. Millions of years ago, Scourge has found a way to protect the Netherworld from the wash cycle, so all those zombies you see are from this time, from a time before the last wash cycle and from the time before that wash cycle.”

            The fire danced, illustrating everything Zanzabar said.

            “Is Draconia protected from the wash cycle,” Sci-fi said.

            “Unfortunately not, but we are gifted with the knowledge of what happened in the last wash cycle, and things are happening differently now, meaning Scourge has the means of combining all three planes. And when he does that, he will begin ruling the universe. He will truly be immortal, and he will stop the wash cycles.”

            “I can understand stopping the wash cycles but we have to stop him from ruling the universe,” Mrs. Flurry said.

            “The wash cycles bring balance to good and evil, without them. Right and wrong would never be and Anarchy would rule, which is exactly what Scourge wants,” Zanzabar said.

            “Oh my, Merganda. She is the means isn’t she,” Mrs. Flurry said.

            “Yes, she is. If Scourge impregnates her. Her offspring would have the powers of Scourge and the powers of Draconia. Now, here’s my plan. I can protect up to fifty people with the same barriers as Merganda had. You’ll be protected only from sexual violation and death. You’ll have to fight any pain that you are caused when you are there. Another power I will grant the chosen fifty is a chain link system. Myself and Merganda have already been working on this by saving superheroines around the world. The fifty have already been chosen. You, Mrs. Flurry, will be there leader. Unfortunately, the way to get to Netherworld will be a little tricky. This will set off the link and all fifty will be transported.”

            “But how will we do that,” Sci-fi said.

            Mrs. Flurry thought and she remembered how Merganda was teleported.

            “Zanzabar, why did Deathblink show up at her own funeral? And not Scourge? Grabbing Merganda seemed like that was the plan all along!”

            “Yes, but the funeral has no way of telling us how to get there. The tricky part is that one of the fifty will have to let themselves be raped by one of these zombies.”

            Mrs. Flurry wanted to take the sacrifice being she’s the leader of the fifty, but she couldn’t speak. She was too faithful to Mr. Magnificent. She couldn’t betray him like that.

            She said, “I have made the decision to be the sacrifice, Zanzabar. As leader of these women, I can’t let any of them be subjected to that kind of torture.”

            “I’m can’t let you do this, Sis,” Cassius said.

            “Cassius, you’re always telling me that to get ahead, sacrifices have to be made sometimes, and usually only as a last result. Well, this is the last result,” She said.

            She looked into his worried eyes. Then she turned to Zanzabar.

            “What about my powers, I can’t go there like this,” She said.

            “Your loss of powers was restricted only for short awhile,” Zanzabar continued, “Haven’t you tried them lately? They should be back.”

            Mrs. Flurry looked down at her body, then she looked up.

            “Then I think I will need to dress into something that gains those zombies attention.”

            With that, she flashed away into super speed.

            Roy, Ceo of Dynatech, and Omni Supreme watched the monitors in Roy’s comfortable suite. The huge form of Omni Supreme turned toward him.

            “My wife is dead, you better be paying us handsomely for this,” he said.

            “Don’t worry, you’ll get all you need. Just make sure you capture as many zombies as you can.”

            A female voice sounded from a nearby speaker box, “Sir, Ebony Ranger escaped.”

            “But she’s dead!” Roy said.

            “She left a note sir. It says, I’m not human, you’ve only punctured my secondary body system. My primary body system went on hibernation to repair my second. I’m tired of your games and you won’t give me what I want. So I’m outta here.”