The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Eight


Chapter 8

            India Rudolph, Boom Girl, had been walking through the sewers for hours now. She crossed her arms over her wet funeral clothing, shivering over and over. Once in a while, she came to a man hole. She climbed the rungs, but some manhole covers wouldn’t budge. When she did find a good manhole cover, she peeked out into the street. However, dead people ran all over the streets, killing the men and raping the women. She continued to ask herself what happened back at the church.

            Then her tunnel opened into a larger room. She peered down into a pool of sewage, surrounded by for more tunnels just like the one she was in. She sighed.

            “A super heroine’s job is never easy,” She said.

            She kneeled down, inching one her feet down into the pool of sewage. As she did so, she cringed and cried. The cold water crept up her leg, and she began to doubt whether to immerse her entire body in the water. She brought her foot back out of the water.

            “This is too gross, maybe I should back track to find another tunnel,” She said.

            She sat there, contemplating what to do. She stared at the pool of sewage. Then she mashed her face together.

            “I’m never going to get this smell off me. If only I had my super powers back. I’d return to the surface and I’d fight those things in the street,” She said.

            Then she looked up, and she caught a glimpse of a sparkle in the other tunnel. All her thoughts and feelings left her, and her breathing calmed. She pushed herself off her seating, immersing her entire body in the sewage.

            Oh my, I’ve spent a lot of money on this outfit, she thought as she swam through the pool of sewage. She pulled herself out of the pool. Immediately she looked down at her soaking wet black vest, blouse, and pants. But as she turned her gaze down the new tunnel she was in, the sparkle interested her more. She continued to crawl.

            As she came closer to what the sparkle was, she noticed the sparkle was actually a glimpse of light and a door slightly open, a large round tunnel door. She crawled up to the door, hearing some kind of voices beyond it. So she peered through.

            She saw a grungy man in a trench coat, standing behind a podium. He looked like he had been living down in the sewers his entire life-snaky hair, muddy gray beard, pale white skin.

The room wasn’t much of a room still, considering it was down in the sewers as well, but the room he was in was much worn down. Around the man, thousands of people surrounded him, looking much like homeless people.

“The time of judgment is upon us, for the dead rise from the grave,” He said.

Boom girl quickly thought about what he said: Judgment Day in Revelations. Could he be telling the truth, she thought. She lightly bowed her head, and she prayed.

“For we are not going to stand by and let God run us over with his insane mumblings from a fictitious novel,” The man said.

Immediately, Boom girl’s eyes widened.

“Satan Worshipers,” She said.

“And we will destroy Satan’s army of demons,” He said.

Boom girl twisted her look in confusion, and she leaned closer to hear what he was about to say next. Unfortunately, the door swung open. Her hold slipped, and she screamed. She flew out of the door, landing on some people below. She picked herself up, and everyone stared at her even the man that has been talking.

“So sorry, so sorry, didn’t mean to barge in on you all. If you don’t mind, I’ll be leaving. Just to let you all know, we all live in the great country of America. Freedom to organize, so I have no problem with what you’re doing,” She said.

She tried to push her way through the people.

The man in the center pointed toward her.

“God has sent a spy, bring her to me!” he said.

The crowd of people grabbed Boom girl, lifting her up on their shoulders. She screamed.

“Let me down, let me down!” she said.

“We shall send this spy back to God and let him know what we do to his spies. Strip off her clothes!” he said.

“What!” she yelled, “I’m not God’s spy!”

As she dragged along the shoulders of the crowd, someone tore her right pant leg free. She couldn’t believe how easy it ripped, but then again all her clothes were soaking wet. Then the back of her vest ripped in half. As she flowed on top of the crowd, she lost a piece of clothing each second. Then all of sudden, the grabbing intensified. The ripping grew, and clothing flew in all directions. Soon she was a naked, eighteen year old girl, flying over a crowd of people. Then they threw her onto the center floor, where the grungy man in a trench stared down upon her. She sobbed, barely looking up at him with innocent eyes.

Speeding through the violence and carnage in the wake of millions of zombies, Mrs. Furry doubted what she was about to do. The task seemed simple at first: raped, travel to the netherworld bringing super heroines with her, and destroy scourge. But the actual thought of rape discomforted her as she kept telling herself to stop in front of a group of zombies.  Where is he anyways, she asked herself? And how come she hasn’t seen a male superhero in a while? Does any of this have to do with Scourge? She hates when she asks herself questions moments later, when she should have asked Zanzabar. But that was her, always leaving in a hurry- or flurry.

            She stopped on dim lit alley.

            “Maybe I should kidnap a couple of these zombies so I don’t have to be raped in such a foul place,” Mrs. Flurry thought.

            “OOOHHHH!” A moan echoed behind her.

            She zipped away just as a revolting zombie lunged for her. She zipped backward two feet. Her heart raced, with the thought of what she had to do and fear gripped her, sending pulsing goose bumps up and down her body. She breathed heavier. The zombie came into the moonlight.

            Brains falling out of a hairless cracked skull and ripped clothing barely covering the gray rotten flesh, the zombie slowly walked toward her. She let the zombie walk closer. When the zombie lunged again, she zipped away, thinking she shouldn’t have done that. A tear dripped from her right eye. She didn’t want to get raped.

            Five moans surrounded her, making her realize that she had ran backward into a center of zombies. Rotting faces, bone heads, tattered closes surrounded her. She thought about fleeing once again, but one of the zombies attacked her.

            Holding onto her shoulders, the first zombie’s tremendous strength overpowered her. She tried to use her power to flee, but she felt herself immobilized. She gasped at the strength of something that looked so fragile.

            Another zombie, missing its eyeball, attached itself to her leg. She tried to kick with her other foot, but she too found that other foot immobilized by another zombie, a zombie missing its head. She squirmed and struggled. The other two zombies quickly hugged themselves around her body, squeezing the air out of her chest. Then the real fear hit her.

            She realized she was about to get raped for the first time in her life, and not by any human either- a zombie- five of them. The sixth zombie parted the two holding her legs, and she thought- no, six of them. Immediately, she screamed. She heard a chuckle, causing her to stop screaming. She peaked, and the zombies seemed to be laughing at her.

            She struggled even more, but they continued to laugh. The sixth one then dropped what was left of its tattered pants, revealing a massive eight inch and extremely thick dick. Her husband wasn’t even that large.

            “Noooo! I can’t!” She struggled.

            The other zombies seemed to laugh. When she looked toward the sixth zombie, he seemed to grin an evil smile. Then he lunged toward her, claws extended. Quickly he ripped away the silvery lycra of her crotch, exposing her vulnerable pussy to him. She gasped. He kept clawing away, ripping shreds from her arms and legs. She squirmed, beginning to cry. He moved the zombie’s heads hugging her chest, just to rip the lycra from her chest. Her large tits fell out.

            Wrapped in very little shreds of lycra, Mrs. Flurry brought tears upon her eyes. The zombies grinned at her somewhat naked body. The zombies hugging her body quickly sucked at her dark nipples. She winced in discomfort. Her breathing heaved even more as the sixth zombie approached her. The zombie kneeled before her, waving his dick in front of her hairless pink pussy.

            A moment of time stopped. She watched as her powers kicked in. The head of his cock froze in front of her exposed pussy, inching closer and closer. Her eyes raced in fear. She thought about everyone that loved her, and how she her love was about to be defiled. This was the first time she ever was raped. Then the head of the cock touched her outer skin of her pussy, sending time racing back forward.


            The zombie lunged into her, plowing its member deep into her and hitting her cervix. The initial pain was nothing compared to that. She had to scream again, and then she waved her head back and forth in rejection. The zombie continued to pump into her. The zombie’s dick was dry, scraping her vulva walls every time. The more she struggled, the other zombies continued to laugh. Then a bright light encompassed them all.

Boom girl was sprawled out before the man in the trench, her naked body glistening from the wet sewage. He eyed her up and down, smiling. Her perky nipples sprung forward in the cool air, and her blonde pubic hairs were matted down from moistness. She sobbed at how easy her situation became.

The man dropped his pants, revealing a sickly, green dick.

“Please, don’t do this to me!” she pleaded.

“A spy gets what a spy wants,” he said.

“I’m not a spy!” she said.

“That’s what all spies say,” he said.

The audience began to chant.

He kneeled down. She closed her eyes, and a tear streaked down her face. Then something touched her privates. She winced.

“Oh my, she is a spy! Your virginity proves the holiness of your spy-hood!” He said.

“My what!” her eyes widened.

“Now I shall send you back to your god defiled and ashamed!” he said.

He inched his hard cock toward her bushy, blonde private area. She closed her eyes, and began to pray. From the insides of her eyelids, a bright light shone.

And there she was, surrounded in darkness. Mrs. Flurry looked around herself, but she found nothing. Had the spell worked, she thought. It must have. She stared down, astonished to see her silver lycra suit materializing before her eyes. Then a light shined in the corner of her eye. She spun to see-another super heroine, dressed in a red leotard wearing a blue cape. She waved to the girl, and the girl waved back. As if magic, she knew who the other super heroine was: Lady Red Fire.

            More lights popped around Lady Red Fire, revealing more and more super heroines. And finally, Boom girl.